31 March 2020 | Written by Jaimee Beck

9 Best Shows On Netflix in New Zealand

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9 Netflix Shows We’re Watching Right Now

We’re all spending more time inside, the weather is getting cooler, and you’ll probably find yourself asking the inevitable question: what’s good on Netflix? Don’t fear! We asked the Bachcare team for their current watches and recommendations. You can even watch shows and chat with your friends without leaving the house using the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension!

So grab a cuppa and cozy up with one of these 9 binge worthy Netflix shows...

1. I Am Not Okay With This

best shows on netflix nz
Photo Credit: Netflix

An irreverent coming of age story, where the usual family drama, high school crushes and teenage awkwardness are punctuated by the main character trying to control her developing superpowers. The episodes are only 25 minutes long, perfect if you just want a short distraction.  Watch it here.

2. The Boys

what to watch on netflix nz
Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

Set in a universe where superpowered individuals are heroic to the general public, but are owned and monetized by a powerful corporation. Behind their squeaky clean personas, the superheroes represent the worst aspects of modern society. ‘The Boys’ are vigilantes aiming to take them down. While it’s a bit dark, watching the believable portrayal of contemporary superheroes gone wrong is thought provoking and addictive.

The Boys isn’t on Netflix, but you can find it on Amazon Prime.

3. Ugly Delicious

netflix shows nz
Image Credit: Netflix

Award winning chef David Chang travels the world uncovering the cultural and culinary histories of popular foods. With guests like Jimmy Kimmel and Nick Kroll Ugly delicious is a mouth watering, educational and entertaining way to travel from the comfort of your couch. Join the deliciousness here.

4. Sugar Rush

sugar rush netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Teams of bakers race against the clock to bake the best cakes and desserts. Sugar Rush is exciting and the desserts are visually delightful, but it does leave us craving something sweet. With 2 seasons on Netflix it’s a relaxing watch that might just inspire your next kitchen creation! Indulge here.

5. RuPaul’s Drag Race

rupauls drag race nz
Image Credit: Netflix

Possibly the world’s guiltiest pleasure, RuPaul’s Drag Race has 11 colorful seasons ready to binge watch, with episodes of season 12 released weekly. Oh, and don’t forget Allstars, Drag Race UK and Untucked (just don’t watch the Christmas special, it’s terrible). Each season sees 13 ambitious drag queens share their style, highlights and heartbreaks while vying for the Drag Race crown in a series of comedic challenges and catwalks. Indulge here.

6. Peep Show

peep show - netflix shows nz
Image Credit: Channel 4

Peep Show comes highly recommended by two of our team, who admit to binge watching it start to finish more than once! (With 9 seasons that’s nothing to laugh at, and plenty to get you through the next few weeks.) Filmed entirely in first person, this dark comedy follows insanely cringy adventures of chums Mark and Jeremy and their attempts to adjust from college life to adulthood. We give it an A+ for distraction.

Peep Show is only available on Netflix UK and Japan, but you can stream it on Channel 4 here.

7. Self Made

what to watch on netflix nz
Image Credit: Netflix

Based on a true story, Self Made is a great Netflix choice if you’re keen to spend your downtime on something educational. The Netflix drama follows African American washerwoman Sarah as she rises from poverty to build a haircare empire and become America’s first female self-made millionaire – tackling business rivals, troubled marriages, sexism and racism along the way. Discover her story here.

8. Ozark

ozark netflix nz
Image Credit: Netflix

Money laundering. Drug Cartels. Summer Resorts. Ozark has it all, delivering the dark story of the Byrde family’s sudden relocation, dodgy business dealings and interactions with local rednecks with ominous believability. Experience Ozark here.

9. Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin - netflix nz
Image Credit: The CW

Campy, quirky and romantic, Jane the Virgin has all the drama and plot twists of a Latin telenovela. Virginal Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated and the resulting 5 seasons follow her and her family through a rollercoaster of emotional experiences in a surprisingly sweet, human way. In a world where dark edgy shows are trending, Jane the Virgin makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Fall in love with the show here.

Have a Netflix favourite we should be watching? Let us know in the comments below!

Daydreaming of downtime? Plan a relaxing escape to look forward to.

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