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Book Your Dream NZ Holiday Home with Afterpay

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Book Your Dream NZ Holiday Home with Afterpay

Since its inception in 2014, Afterpay has revolutionised the way people pay for so many goods and services. From brand name goods to dream holidays, the system of delayed payments has made many wonderful things accessible for ordinary folk.

As of late 2020, over 20,000 people per day are signing up to Afterpay. The model is proving incredibly popular with consumers who are beginning to feel the squeeze.

So how does a quiet, intimate break in some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking settings sound? It’s surely not the worst idea in the world. And if one of the few services in NZ that works with Afterpay holiday packages, so you can work out your finances in advance, happens to have gorgeous holiday homes across the country, that’s probably a good place to start looking.

It’s not unique in NZ to offer beautifully maintained holiday homes in gorgeous areas. We pride ourselves on our hospitality; our home is yours. What is virtually unique about Bachcare is that we offer wonderful escapes all across the country with all the benefits of Afterpay holiday packages.

Why Afterpay?

In a time when ‘buy now, pay later’ purchases are becoming increasingly popular, Afterpay offers a secure, trustworthy means of taking breaks and holidays that may seem off-limits to consumers based on their current finances. We work with Afterpay because of their excellent record for integrity and honesty up-front.

‘Buy now, pay later’ is a very old idea, and one that many people instinctively distrust. That is, it sounds a lot like money-lending, loan sharks, whatever you want to call it. And people are right to avoid those markets.

Afterpay is a fundamentally different concept because there are absolutely no additional fees charged. There is no interest. The cost of the purchase is exactly the same as it would have been if you’d paid the full price up-front. No benefits for cash-in-hand, just the same stock price whichever way you pay. Except booking your time away is so much more convenient with Afterpay holiday packages.

The thing is, not many of us can afford to make bold financial decisions and splash out before we know where we stand. So it’s kind of nice to be able to plan it, in a way that isn’t going to leave us reeling when an unforeseen expense comes up.

What Are The Rules?

The terms of using Afterpay with Bachcare are easy to understand and free of hidden conditions.

  • The booking has to be a 100% payment — we’re happy to let you wait for that paycheck to come in, you can book a beautiful chateau right now while it’s still available and sort the money stuff later! Sadly though, we can’t accept staggered payments.
  • The booking total must be under $2,000.00. We don’t use Afterpay holiday packages on holidays over this limit. Thankfully, we offer tons of wonderful breaks under this limit!
  • The booking start date must be within 365 days.

For the full acceptance criteria, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Where Can I Go With Afterpay Holiday Packages?

We offer luxurious holiday homes from Auckland to Dunedin — and beyond! Below are a few of our favourites that you might just want to take a look at for your break.

Wine Downtown — Mangawhai

accommodation with afterpay

This stunning property is located on the East Coast of North Island. The interior is furnished with beautifully sheened wood and is a perfect place to take your little ones for an escape.

With perfectly cute bunk beds and a huge yard for your kids to chase around, this property is ideal for a young family looking for a break from domestic life. The balcony overlooks the sea — which as everyone knows, is the ultimate relaxant — and gives you somewhere to get away from all the clutter that pervades everyday life.

Coupled with our lovingly maintained interior, this place is just where you need to be if you’re looking for a bit of fresh air.

Matapouri Views Forever— Matapouri

afterpay holiday

Blue skies, blue ocean; what’s not to love? Of course, it’s the midday sun. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Our Matapouri property is available to rent with Afterpay and provides the best of both worlds.

If you’re a worshipper of the sun, the beach is barely a stone’s throw away. If you prefer to stay out of the midday heat, this property has a perfectly shady and secluded dining area. It’s an ideal place to settle down with a book for the afternoon. It also helps to keep the salad fresh! 

Afterpay holiday packages allow you to secure this something-for-everyone spot and then pay when you’re ready. Don’t miss out!

Mana Sarovar — Lake Tarawera

pay for holiday with afterpay

It has to be understood that the backdrop of Lake Tarawera inspires the same kind of awe as this home’s namesake — Mana Sarovar. The latter has been considered a sacred site by a number of religions for thousands of years, due to its spectacular isolation and astonishing visuals.

Lake Tarawera provides exactly the same kind of experience; that is, it has to be seen to be believed. If you’re more interested in an inland trip to discover undiscovered places, this location might make a good base camp.

Elegant furnishings are also provided as a part of our Afterpay holiday packages offering, so you can relax properly after a day of exploring. This is the perfect get-away for those with an adventurous spirit — especially young adventurers burning with curiosity.

A Time to Get Away

If you’ve been wondering when your next break could come, you need to consider this offer. Commitments are difficult, but knowing that you’ve secured a spot when you know that you have good work around the corner? That’s a no-brainer.

There’s no need to worry about having had ‘your last holiday’. There’s no need to buy a tent and camp in sub-zero temperatures as a replacement for a good few days away. 

Book your next holiday home with Afterpay and experience comfort that’s more than what you’re used to — with a crazy, beautiful world on your doorstep.

Bachcare Afterpay Acceptance Criteria
BC Guest is provided the option to use AfterPay when completing booking transactions on the Bachcare Website. AfterPay is available for all properties/bookings including properties with active specials. IF the Booking meets the following criteria:
• Booking total under $2,000.00
Booking start date must be within 365 days:
• Guests are redirected to AfterPay Service to complete financial transactions.
• Booking is processed in the same way as a normal BC Booking – where BC is NOT the Merchant of Record (e.g AirBnb) by BC GSS.
• BC Finance can run a “Daily Banking” report to identify AfterPay bookings financial details.
• Pull-Thru and associated payments to Owner and HM is processed in the same way as a normal BC Booking – where BC is NOT the Merchant of Record (e.g AirBnb) – by BC Finance.
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