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Top 10 Coromandel Activities

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Favorite Coromandel Adventures

coromandel activities
Credit: Wikicommons

The Coromandel, often called Coromandel Town, is one of New Zealand’s most breathtaking attractions. Located on the Coromandel Harbor in New Zealand’s Northern Island, it contains clean beaches, hot springs, hiking trails, delicious food, and so much more. 

The coastal town is perfect for a holiday. Whether you are an active holidayer or prefer relaxing, Coromandel Town likely has something engaging and beautiful to offer. 

Ten Activities To Do in Coromandel

Driving Creek Railway

Activities in the coromandel
Credit: Flickr

Driving Creek Railway is an hour and fifteen-minute long train trek through Coromandel’s colossal mountains. Throughout the journey, a train driver teaches passengers about Barry Brickell—The founder of Driving Creek.

Aside from a fascinating history lesson, you will enjoy the green Kauri forest. Brickell put a lot of work into regenerating the native forest, and the efforts continue. Brickell was a professional potter, hence the unique pottery placed throughout the railway.

The ride ends at The Eyeful Tower—a wooden tower that sits 165 meters above Coromandel. The final stop offers impressive views of the Hauraki Gulf.

Hot Water Beach 

hot water beach
Credit: Wikicommons

Unique to Coromandel, Hot Water Beach is a must-visit attraction and sees visitors from around the world. 

The beach has a river of volcanic water flowing beneath it. 64-degree Celsius water rises from Earth’s interior through Hot Water Beach’s sand during low tide so guests can dig out a hot tub to soak in. 

Keep in mind that the hot water is only available for two hours on either side of the low tide. If you visit at night, expect to be greeted by glow worms! 

Cathedral Cove

cathedral cove in coromandel

Cathedral Cove is just a five to ten-minute drive from Hot Water Beach. The cove frames the sandy shore and clear blue water of Hahei Beach. Explore the attraction by foot, boat, kayak, or even snorkel! 

Walking to the cove takes approximately 1.5 hours, there and back. The walk is considered easy and offers enticing views of the coastline. A boat or kayak tour gives visitors the chance to see penguins, dolphins, and whales while learning about the region’s history and geology. 

Those interested in cozying up with Hahei’s marine life can book a guided dive or snorkel. Divers must be certified, but snorkeling is open to anyone, including imperfect swimmers. 

The Lost Springs

What better way to recharge than at a geothermal resort? The Lost Springs resort has a 16,000-year-old mineral-filled geothermal pool. After soaking in the warm water, guests can enjoy pampering from the comfort of a treetop bure.

The treetop bures are complete with the sound of flowing water and surrounded by the native forest. The Lost Springs also has a licensed cafe and restaurant to eat at after. The resort has a variety of packages to choose from, depending on your preferences. 

Whitianga Stargazers

Whitianga Stargazers is a great way to kick off or end the night. Guests can choose from the following tours: Stars and Constellations, Galaxies, Star clusters, Planets, Moon and Sun, and Galaxy Gazer. 

Each course provides visitors the chance to learn more about celestial bodies while gazing through high-level equipment. 

However, the Galaxy Gazer Astronomy tour is an all-inclusive experience. You will learn about constellations, star and planet movements, galaxies, and more. You will also get the chance to handle meteorites that are over 4 billion years old. 

The Pinnacles Walk

the pinnacles walk
Credit: DOC

Recognized as one of New Zealand’s best hikes, The Pinnacles walk can be done overnight or in a single day, depending on your skill level. Many visitors stay overnight at the Pinnacles Hut or Dancing Can Campsite. 

If you spend two days on the trail, you get to see the sunrise and set on the water. The 8-hour trip also showcases a 360-degree panoramic view of Coromandel’s coasts. 

Hikers receive a small taste of New Zealand’s history. Kauri bushmen originally carved out the trail for their pack horses in the early 1900s. 

New Chums Beach

coromandel Activities - new chums beach
Credit: Wikicommons

Once you arrive, you will not see a trace of infrastructure, making it the perfect place to regenerate. Visitors may also catch glimpses of marine life, like whales and dolphins. 

New Chums Beach is a secluded shore in pristine conditions, located in Wainuiototo Bay. You will have to climb/walk across boulders to reach it, but the white sand and clear water surrounded by native trees are worth it. 

The Waterworks

The Waterworks is a theme park situated on 5 acres of Coromandel’s forest and is only 10 minutes from Coromandel Town. The park has over 70 water attractions fit for all ages. You can bring along the entire family as Waterworks even invites dogs to join in on the fun. 

In addition to man-made attractions, the waterpark is well-known for its swimming hole, complete with a diving board. Waterworks also offers guests BBQ usage and picnic areas, free of charge. After a long day of swimming, you and your family can snag a picnic area and relax with a hot meal. 

Coromandel Coastal Walk

The Coromandel coastal walk is a 7-hour round trip complete with unmatched views of Coromandel’s upper peninsula. Complete the challenging path by foot or mountain bike. 

You can start at Fletcher Bay and end at Stony Bay, or vice versa. Regardless of the path taken, you will pass crystal-like water, greenery including Pohutukawa trees, sandy and stony shores, massive cliffs, and so much more. 

The trail’s scenery is fulfilling but unfit for swimming as the water is filled with boulders. 

Homegrown Food Trail

Coromandel is known for far more than its clear beaches. The Homegrown Food Trail is a year-round activity featuring Coromandel’s best cuisine. 

The trail is notorious for its refreshing produce and seafood. Food enthusiasts can expect to sample wine, cheese, mussels, oysters, scallops, macadamias, and more. 

New to the region or frequent visitors? Coromandel’s refreshing produce, restaurants, and cafes will fulfill your cravings. 

Enjoy Coromandel Activities 

Whether you embark on one or all of the above Coromandel activities, you will need somewhere to rest your head at night. Spend your downtime in a Bachcare Coromandel holiday home. 

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