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Explore the Best 3 Hikes in Queenstown

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The 3 Best Hikes in Queenstown

Are you an avid hiker looking for some new trails to try? Are you interested in travelling abroad to see some of the most beautiful and well-known hikes? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are in luck! Queenstown, New Zealand, has been designated as the adventure capital of the world. It should be at the top of your list of places to travel!

There is truly something for everyone in this incredible destination, from bungee jumping off high bridges to trekking the beautiful, mountainous landscapes. Today, we will be diving into the best hikes that are offered in the area. Regardless of what difficultly level you may be, we guarantee that there is a trail that is perfect for you!

Here are the best hikes in Queenstown you should plan to trek when visiting this beautiful location in New Zealand!

1) The Routeburn Track

best hikes in queenstown
Source: Ilya Grigorik
Best Time To Visit?
November to April
Difficulty Level?
What Should I pack?
• Water Bottle and small snack
• Sleeping Equipment and Shelter (unless you intend to lodge at some designated cabins or stopping points along the way)
• Survival Kit and Toiletries
• Tools for protection as well as heating and cooking

This hiking trail is one of the best options for those interested in devoting a couple of days to a relatively easy trail. This well-marked and easy-to-follow track is perfect for hikers of all backgrounds and offers some incredible views along the 2-4 day journey. 

There are sharp drop-off points along the way. However, even the less-experienced hikers are bound to find enjoyment out of this experience. as long as you take the proper safety precautions and take some time to preview your route.

To traverse the entire track, you can expect to journey across approximately 33km over the course of those couple of days. You can pass through some amazing stops during this time, including the Earland falls and the Routeburn River that has crystal clear water flowing right through.

We promise that you will love this trail and that you come away with some great memories from the experience!

2) The Milford Track

hikes near queenstown
Source: AlasdairW
Best Time To Visit?
October to April
Difficulty Level?
Moderate to Difficult
What Should I pack?
• Food and Water
• Extra clothes and Water-Proof Materials
• Survival Kit
• Candles and Matches
• Identification

For the more experienced hikers or those seeking a challenge, the Milford Track may be the one for you. 

This track presents more of a challenge than the Routeburn Track and requires extra steps in the booking process.

To traverse this rather hilly and intense track, you are going to need to plan ahead. Booking takes place months in advance and requires you to plan where you will be lodging while on the trail. There are quite a few options to choose from though they do book up pretty far ahead of the travelling months, so this should be one of your first steps before making any final considerations.

While there are some steep drop-offs and slippery locations along the way, you will be graced with some amazing views and stops where you can really take in all that New Zealand has to offer. 

You will get to pass by so many waterfalls and rivers throughout your journey that you are sure to capture some great photos and make some great memories.

One of the best highlights to point out is Sutherland Falls, which you will have the option of passing on your third day of hiking. This incredible waterfall stands almost 2000 feet high and is most definitely worth the little extra bit of hiking that you will have to do.

As long as you take the time to plan ahead, we ensure you that you will absolutely love this hike! Make sure that you are taking adequate time to rest up at each stop along the way so that you are ready to face whatever may come your way over the course of the 4-day adventure. 

3) The Kepler Track

hiking trails queenstown
Credit: Tara Toman
Best Time To Visit?
October to April
Difficulty Level?
Moderate to Difficult
What Should I pack?
• Identification
• Proper clothing and Water-Proof Items
• Food and Water Provisions
• Matches and Candles
• Survival Kits and First Aid Kits

If you are ready to commit to a solid four days of hiking, then the Kepler track may be just what you are looking for! This track presents more of a challenge to the average hiker. That’s because it is nearly 60km over some inclines and declines that may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who are less experienced.

Along the way, you will have the option to set up a campsite or stay at one of the huts set up along the way. If you do choose to stay in one of the cabins, make sure that you look into it well ahead of time!

This route can get rather busy during those peak seasons, and lodging can book up very quickly. Call ahead to talk with someone about what option would be best for your group, and make sure to get those reservations quickly.

Over the course of the four days that you spend on the trail, you will be passing many elevated views of the beautiful,  mountainous locations as well as some ground-level views of the massive waterfalls that cascade from above.

This hike is littered with some amazing side-trips that you are welcome to add to your schedule if you and your party are up for the extra challenge. 

The Kepler Hike is absolutely gorgeous and should top the list of anyone coming to visit the Queenstown area. With some gorgeous fresh-water lakes and towering waterfalls, you are going to love every second of this amazing hike!

Stay Close to the Action!

Hiking is but one of the many things you can do while visiting the beautiful town of Queenstown, New Zealand. There is truly something to do for everyone, and you can really get creative with all of the different ways to enjoy the amazing outdoors.

Take your time and settle in for a bit so that you have the chance to see all that this amazing place has to offer. Or, stay a while and try out a couple of these trailing options to really dive into the best hikes in Queenstown. 

If you are looking to plan a trip, lengthen your stay and book one of Bachcare‘s luxurious accommodations nearby these hike routes. View all of our Queenstown holiday homes for an amazing getaway and adventure!

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