23 April 2019 | Written by Scott Martin

How To: Make a Shortlist

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Collaborate with your friends & create a shortlist of homes ready to book for your next getaway!

Planning a holiday can often involve a lot of working parts. Gathering the troops, agreeing on an area and shortlisting properties in your budget. Thankfully for you, we’ve got a shortlist function to take the hassle out of planning your next getaway!

We’ll take you through a step by step guide to creating a Bachcare shortlist of holiday homes to share with your friends and make planning your holidays just a little bit simpler.

How to make a shortlist

Step 1: Log in or create your Bachcare account

You’ll need a Bachcare account to use the shortlist function. If you don’t have an account with us already, simply click the ‘Login’ button on the top right on the website.

If you have an account with us, simply Log in to your account. If not, click the Sign Up button on the bottom right and fill out the simple form (seen below).

Step 2: Browse our homes & shortlist your favourites!

Now that you are logged in. Browse around the regions you’re interested in visiting and click the little heart tick in the top right of the property image (seen below).

You can add as many or as little homes to your shortlist as you like, so don’t be afraid to add homes that you’re on the fence about. It’s quick and easy to remove them as well. Either untick the heart, or click the remove button while you’re browsing your shortlist in your account.

Step 3: Viewing your shortlist & managing your wish list!

Now that you have a selection of homes that are in the area you want, as well as the right price range for you and your group. Click your name on the top right of the screen and a dropdown menu will appear. Simply click the short list tab and all the homes you’ve ‘hearted’ will be waiting for you!

Now that you’re in your own ‘Shortlist’ have a browse of all the properties that would be great for your upcoming trip! Remove those that you don’t want, by clicking the ‘remove’ button underneath the listing. Now’s the time to dream big and lock down your favourites to send through to your holiday group!

Step 4: Sharing your shortlist with your group & lock it in!

Now’s the fun part. Start up that group chat and send through your shortlisted favourites to see which one ticks everyones boxes. You can do this by sending through the URL link, or by pressing the ‘Share Listing’ button under the book now button on the property listing.

Send through all the candidates for your top pick and once you’re all happy with the winning home, LOCK IT IN!

Here’s the shortlist in action!

Need some help finding your happy place? Get in touch! Simply click here to send us a Facebook message and we can help with finding the perfect property for you and your group. 

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