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Our Favourite Akaroa Holiday Homes with a Hot Tub

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Our Top 3 Holiday Homes With A Spa Pool In Akaroa

1. Akaroa Delight

accommodation with hot tub in akaroa

This gorgeous five-person holiday home offers amazing views of the Children’s Bay and Akaroa Harbour.

With every room on a single floor, the Akaroa Delight is easy to navigate and offers a welcoming atmosphere. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms provide enough space and comfort for all. Each bedroom has a spacious bed, with the master bedroom hosting a full queen and bedrooms two and three, each with their own double. 

The master bedroom has the privilege of an en suite bathroom containing all amenities, including a shower. A second, larger bathroom includes a bathtub and beautifully wide sink that can accommodate multiple users at once. 

One of the more spectacular features of this holiday home is the larger balcony, which connects seamlessly to the interior kitchen and sitting area. From this balcony, you can take in the fabulous views of the nearby bay

Transitioning from inside to outside is effortless with the lifting of the kitchen and sitting room wall. Raising this wall can make you feel like you’re already on the balcony, even if you are busy making dinner.

Akaroa Delight’s hot tub sits on a secondary balcony with a view of the lovely New Zealand countryside. Perfect for warming up in winter or relaxing in summer, the location on the side of the house keeps the hot tub private and secluded without sacrificing the view.

Two added benefits to this stunning holiday home are the outdoor shower and barbecue. The shower always has hot water so that you can clean up quickly after a day at the beach.

2. Bellbird Bach

bach with spa in akaroa

This secluded and wacky holiday home is worth popping into for the design alone. Able to host up to six people, three bedrooms, and one bathroom help make the Bellbird Bach a cozy and relaxing home away from home.

Built on a hill, a bridge crossed the gap between the road and the front door, making this particular holiday home more like a fortress from the outside. But the interior couldn’t be more different.

Designed similar to a freight crate, the house itself is a long box with windows only on the sides and back. Inside, extensive use of pale wood panelling will give you a quaint, eco-friendly feel. 

The home is split into two levels, the lower housing the kitchen, dining, and sitting area. Upstairs, you’ll find the bedrooms and bathroom. Two of the bedrooms contain comfortable queen beds, while the last has a set of rustic bunk beds.

Two decks offer exterior seating and fantastic places to admire the scenery and countless wildlife. The surrounding area is home to native New Zealand birds that any birdwatcher among you can observe from either deck.

In the evenings, you can enjoy the wood-fired hot tub and the tranquillity of the Akaroa Harbour area. Unlike more conventional hot tubs, the one at Bellbird Bach relies on a wood-burning stack to control the temperature. 

Even though you’ll feel like you’re in the most remote part of New Zealand’s South Island, the Bellbird Bach is only minutes away from town.

3. Hector’s Tiny House

akaroa spa pool

This cozy holiday home is right between Robinsons Bay and Duvauchelle Bay, giving fabulous views of the water and Ōnawe Peninsula. Able to cater to two guests, the house contains a single bedroom and bathroom. 

The bedroom features a queen-sized bed so that you can rest easy after a day of adventure. The house’s open-floor interior includes a quaint sitting area, dining area, and kitchen. The bathroom doubles as the laundry room to help save space. 

The most stunning feature of this tiny home is the backyard view. Built on top of a hill, a long stretch of grass takes you down towards the water. On top, just behind the house, you can sit in peace and watch the sunset (or sunrise, if you prefer) as you drink wine or coffee.

The hot tub sits under the shelter of the house roof, protecting you from the elements while providing a terrific view. 

From the hot tub itself, it almost looks as though you’re right on the water. It’s the perfect spot for a solo trip if you need to get away and unwind or for a romantic holiday with your special someone.

A handy staircase leads you down to the beachfront. If you prefer to go into town, Akaroa Township is a ten-minute drive away. 

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If you’re looking for an Akaroa accommodation with hot tub, look no further. These three holiday homes have everything you need for an enjoyable and relaxing stay. 

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