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The History of the Simpsons Donut in Springfield, New Zealand

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The Simpsons Donut in Springfield New Zealand

Springfield donut

The Simpsons cartoon has been around for more than 30 years, and, on July 27, 2007, The Simpsons Movie premiered across the globe. 

Whether you love Homer Simpson’s line, “D’oh!” or Bart Simpson’s line, “Don’t have a cow, man!” you have probably enjoyed watching episodes of this cartoon or its excellent movie.

We all know that Homer Simpson loves donuts, but did you know that movie studio 20th Century Fox presented a giant pink donut to the town of Springfield, New Zealand? The United States movie studio did so to promote the premiere of The Simpsons Movie in 2007.

Where Is the Famous Simpsons Donut Located Today?

Springfield NZ Donut

The famous Simpsons Donut is located in Springfield in the Selwyn District of Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.

The movie studio presented the original version of the Simpsons Donut to the town back in 2007 to promote the premiere of The Simpsons Movie

Once unveiled, this gorgeous sculpture exhibited a nice pink glaze with sprinkles along with the infamous bite taken out. It’s as if a giant version of Homer Simpson showed up and began to munch!

Why Did 20th Century Fox Choose Springfield, New Zealand?

The American movie studio chose Springfield, New Zealand, to donate the large Simpsons Donut sculpture because the town shares the same name as the fictional town where the Simpsons family lives. 

What Happened to the Simpsons Donut Since 2007?

tyre springfield donut

Unfortunately, a significant fire damaged and burned down the original structure of the Simpsons Donut in September 2009. An arsonist started this fire. As Bart Simpson would say, “Ay Caramba!”

However, soon after, Springfield, New Zealand’s proud townspeople painted a gigantic truck tire with a pink glaze, a tan-colored backside, and sprinkles all around. Once again, the copy of the original Simpsons Donut structure had a bite taken out of it.

However, three years later, the townspeople put up a new six-tonne version made of concrete on display. The town unveiled the new fire-proof Simpsons Donut landmark on July 1, 2012. 

It even has metallic steps so that people can climb up and take a photo with their heads poking out of the donut hole.

What Makes the Simpsons Donut So Unique?

The Simpsons Donut is unique and special because it relates to a worldwide and still trending television show that’s been around for decades. It is an exciting structure as it emphasizes how the town of Springfield is found in the everlasting television show. 

What’s miraculous about Springfield is that this town name is found all over the United States and in other parts of the world, including England. Whenever someone from Springfield watches The Simpsons, they may imagine the show set in their own town.

This show has also expanded to much more than television or movies, including comic books, graphic novels, and tons of other merchandise. Furthermore, The Simpsons has consistently impacted the social and political commentary of the world at large. 

For example, you might see the Simpson family travel to Australia or a politician from Russia show up in the town of Springfield, as evidenced by Russian President Vladimir Putin showing up in the episode “Treehouse of Horror XXVI.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can You Get a Real Simpsons Donut to Eat?
According to Delish, you can now get a pink Simpsons donut with sprinkles from Krispy Kreme. The company has named it The Simpsons D’ohnut. It comes in a box with a picture of Homer Simpson surrounded by hundreds of pink donuts.

However, you can only get this donut from Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven stores in Australia.
Where Is Springfield from The Simpsons?
According to National Public Radio, the town of Springfield is located in Oregon in the United States. The creator of the show, Matt Groening, unveiled this major secret in April 2012 during an interview with Smithsonian Magazine. Groening grew up in Portland, Oregon.

However, the Associated Press revealed that Groening has often given false answers to the location of the Simpson’s hometown, so it may never be known where Springfield actually is. Groening’s response in the Smithsonian Magazine interview may be false too.

Therefore, this town could very well be located in little ol New Zealand.
Why Are So Many Places Called Springfield?
There are 34 places named Springfield in 25 states across the United States of America and 36 Springfield Townships, including 11 in Ohio. The very first place in the United States called Springfield was a town in Massachusetts.

William Pynchon founded Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1636. He named it after his hometown of Springfield, Essex. In 1777, George Washington established the United States National Armory in this town. Springfield, Massachusetts, also became a leading manufacturing town during the Industrial Revolution.

Before You Go

Now that you know all about the Simpsons Donut structure in Springfield, New Zealand, you’re ready to make your travel plans to see this incredible landmark.

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