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Ski Hire Wanaka – Delivery vs Shop Hire?

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Ski Hire in Wanaka – Shop hire vs delivery?

ski hire in wanaka
Treble Cone. Credit: Wikicommons

New Zealand is widely regarded as the adventure and ecotourism center of the world. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love the wide-ranging options for skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, caving, canyoning and so much more.

Wanaka, has become a huge tourist hotspot in recent years for its stunning landscapes, untouched natural scenery, rugged lifestyle and welcoming locals interested in exploring this geographic marvel of an area.

Wanaka is perhaps most famous for it’s beautiful, whitecapped mountains and as the gateway to the Southern Alps: Mount Aspiring National Park, a world-famous spot for skiing and snowboarding. Beyond this, Wanaka is the ultimate holiday spot, with great options for dining, shopping and accommodation, along with wineries and golf courses. You’ll leave here feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and awe-inspired.

If you’re visiting Wanaka, you’re most likely looking to hit the mountains and get in some skiing or snowboarding on some of the freshest powder on Earth.

Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Farm are three diverse ski areas all located within close distance to Wanaka’s town center. Each has trails that range from beginner to master, optimal weather conditions and stunning views over Lake Wanaka. Each area is great for group skiers looking to have fun as a family, or solo skiers looking to conquer the Southern Alps and get an adrenaline rush.

Most skiers know that having to lug bulky, heavy ski gear from place to place can get extremely tiring. In addition, traveling with skis and snowboards, as well as all the equipment that goes along with it, can get fairly expensive. If your equipment gets damaged, you’re looking at a fairly steep cost to replace it. Wouldn’t it be great to just rent out ski and snowboarding equipment once you reach Wanaka and not have to deal with the hassle of transporting?

Yes, but visiting a ski shop isn’t always your best option either. Rental stores have steep rent fees that can add up the longer you stay. In addition, most ski shops have to guess your size and weight and will give you whatever equipment they have available. This experience is fairly impersonalized and may even leave you with an uncomfortable and painful skiing or snowboarding experience.

Luckily, SnoPro understands these pain points and has taken the ski and snowboard rental experience to the next level, making it seamless, easy and enjoyable for everyone. SnoPro offers the right equipment for all ability levels and meets you where you are, removing the journey to a physical ski shop. So, why use SnoPro versus a physical ski hire in Wanaka?

1. Convenience

hiring skis in wanaka from snopro

SnoPro is a full service ski hire and snowboard delivery service that comes right to your door whenever is most convenient for you. Traditionally, you’d have to go to a physical ski rent store, wait in line, fill out paperwork and make the time to return to the store with all of your gear in tow.

With SnoPro, the process is entirely taken out of your hands for a worry-free delivery and return experience. With SnoPro, the team will fit, service and pick up your gear according to your pre-set parameters. All you have to worry about is hitting the slopes, not how and when you’re going to return your gear. And if you’re staying in a Bachcare home rental, you’ll feel right at home as you get fitted!

2. Quality Equipment and Service

snowboard and ski delivery in wanaka

Often, when you go to a ski rental shop, you have no clue what you’re getting. You could be trying on year-old boots with quality issues or a helmet that doesn’t fit correctly. Unfortunately, this a major safety hazard, but a gamble you have to take if you decide to rent equipment from a store.

Your only options are to choose what hasn’t already been rented out. With SnoPro, you’re getting a certified promise for quality and safety. SnoPro employees are trained boot and ski fitters, so you know you’re getting a perfect fit every time, ensuring pain free skiing all day long.

In addition, SnoPro ranks customer service at a premium. Your personal security is to the utmost importance and each staff member is dedicated to serving your needs effectively and efficiently. If you choose to go to a ski rental shop, you may be competing with hundreds of others for the same few boot fitters and staff members. When you chose SnoPro, you’re getting individual attention and quality assurance for an elevated ski experience.

3. Great Prices

treble cone
Carving up the slopes on Treble Cone: Credit: Wikicommons

SnoPro offers great, year-round deals for bundling and saving, allowing you to have an amazing ski trip without the high. SnoPro offers 10% with 5-day rentals, as well as other packages for progression, performer and premier skis, fine-tuned to meet your athletic needs.

These deals also apply to snowboards, designed with comfort and style in mind. For the ultimate convenience, SnoPro also offers lift passes delivered straight to your door. SnoPro has partnered with both Cardrona and Treble Cone to deliver ski passes for either resort, allowing you to skip the long lines once you get to your location.

You can also rent outerwear from SnoPro, including helmets and ski jackets, saving you crucial souvenir space in your luggage. With a traditional ski shop rental, it’s hard to discern just how much you’re spending until you get a final bill at the end. SnoPro allows you to add everything you want to an easy, digital booking that you can change at any point. SnoPro also has a risk-free rental policy, allowing you a full refund prior to delivery if your circumstances change in any way.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re looking for Ski Hire Wanaka, SnoPro is your best bet. As a small company, SnoPro is committed to serving every customer like family. Staff are expertly trained and are especially great with large families looking to explore Wakana’s amazing mountains. SnoPro is always available for contact. Simply just compile each person’s weight, age, height and shoe size information and SnoPro does the rest.


Bachcare is excited to offer a hassle-free start to your Queenstown ski trip with Snopro Ski Rental Delivery. Simply book online, select your gear and delivery time, and the Snopro team will deliver and custom fit the latest ski hire gear in the comfort of your Queenstown or Wanaka accommodation. They also return for follow-up service and collection when you’re done. Ski hire redefined.

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