13 July 2018 | Written by Scott Martin

One Of The West Coasts Best Kept Secrets

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Introducing Anawhata Beach – The West Coasts Best Kept Secret!

One would expect any beach within an hour of Auckland city to be flooded with Kiwi’s looking for a breath of fresh air regardless of the season, but this is not the case at all with this hidden gem nestled in the West Coast of the North Island.

Most of us would have heard of Bethells Beach, Muriwai Beach and Piha, and don’t get us wrong, those are all incredible beaches to visit if you’re in the region. But there is nothing quite like discovering a new beach that isn’t overrun with the hoards of Auckland go-getters. Welcome to Anawhata Beach, the West Coasts best-kept secret!

So how do you get to this secret beach? Well, for those of you that are familiar with the drive to Piha beach, you’re in luck! Take the normal route to Piha and turn off around the top of the hill down the gravel road. This will take you 10km down a narrow road, through the beautiful West Coast forest. You’ll pass the occasional classic kiwi bach, but apart from that, it’ll just be you and mother nature.

What makes the difference when it comes to this little slice of kiwi heaven is the fact that you can’t actually drive to the beach itself. This means that the start of your journey to the sandy shores of Anawhata involves a scenic bush track that will take around 20min, walking slowly of course. So if you’re bringing beach supplies, we would recommend a comfortable carry bag.

Once you’ve completed your scenic bush walk, you’ll arrive at a truly stunning beach. Due to the location, and depending on the time of year, you’ll be lucky to see more than 15 people enjoying the same beautiful beach.

Depending on your preference, Anawhata really has it all. For those of you that enjoy relaxing on the sands, soaking up the sun, Anawhata will tick all your boxes. If swimming is your favourite beach activity, you’ll find you have the lay of the land in terms of space out in the waves. There is also a number of gorgeous rock pools for all the explorers out there, so make sure to have a stroll if you start overheating in the sun.

Anawhata also features a beautiful estuary and river that rolls up into the hillside, so for those of you with small children, this would be a great spot for the kids to relax in the banks of the slow flowing river.


If you thought you’ve explored all that the West Coast has to offer, then make sure to add this hidden gem to your next weekend beach trip, because you honestly can’t get more kiwi then this!

Let us know of any other hidden kiwi gems in the comments below!


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