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Things To Do In Castlepoint, New Zealand

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Are you planning to visit New Zealand, but do not want to visit the mainstream locations? Then we’ve got a spot for you—Castlepoint! Situated on the east coast of Wairarapa, North Island, it is approximately an hour’s drive from Masterton.

Named rightly by Captain Cook in 1770, it is one of the most spectacular destinations and resembles the view of a castle when looked upon from the sea. This one is a stretch of the North Island coast in New Zealand. The Castlerock is 162 metres high, surrounded by a limestone reef rich in fossils and the lighthouse. 

A lot of special coastal spots in New Zealand have lighthouses standing tall on them. However, New Zealand has just two-beam lighthouses remaining, and Castlepoint is one of them. This spot is still overlooked by a lot of tourists visiting the places around as it takes a little detour from the hotspots. However, it is worth the visit. 

But why is that so? What’s so special about it? Apart from the picturesque beauty, what can you do once you are at Castlepoint? Let us walk you through the thrill you are sure to experience. 

Things To Do When In Castlepoint

Whether you are planning just a day visit or want to stay overnight in your campervan, this location serves both well. Along with a spot for campervans, it does have some other options for accommodation. Read further to know what this place has in store for you! 

1. Castlepoint Lighthouse

The main attraction of this place is the lighthouse. It stands tall on the Castlerock, drawing major attention to itself from the visitors. To reach up to the lighthouse, you can go through the path leading on from the beach and to the hilltop, which will give you an incredible view.

Castlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa, New Zealand, at sunrise. Photo Credit: castlepoint.co.nz

Even better, you can do some bay watching. All you need to do is carry a pair of binoculars, and you might spot dolphins and whales seasonally. The cliff is not that tough to climb and will surely give you the perfect view. However, just look out for the weather before making plans, as high tides can sometimes get a hold of you. 

2. Castlerock

If you want to catch the best point for splendid views, this one is it. While the lighthouse remains in the spotlight, you cannot overlook the Castlerock. To reach up there, you have to walk through the Deliverance Cove Track, which can be covered in half an hour. 

Once you reach the top, a panoramic view that is breathtakingly beautiful awaits you. As astonishing as you will find the sunrises and sunsets, you are sure to be amused by the incredible night sky. 

3. Beaches

There is just one beach in the region, aptly named Castlepoint Beach. It is a long sandy region and a perfect place to lie down to get that summer tan on. Surrounded by cliffs and a peninsula, it is a delight for all nature lovers. 

Photo Credit: freewalks.nz

4. Photography and Videography
If you are one of those who do not spare any chance to capture the most scenic places and moments, this place is a treasure. Raw and unexplored, you can go about shooting, editing with the help of a video editor and uploading stories all in one go. Because why keep your followers waiting when you’ve witnessed the beauty yourself? Whether it is the top of the cliff or between the plateau or the lighthouse, each element has its charms that can be captured beautifully. Got your lenses on yet? 

5. Fishing
Tag along with the indigenous people of the place to catch a fish or two. You will spot some locals fishing by the riverside when you’ve climbed up the cliffs. You might be rewarded by some appetizers. So, do not forget to carry your fishing gear if you are up for some fun and quiet time all by yourself. 

6. Marine Life
An untouched place, Castlepoint’s beach is often treated by a visit by the fur seals and dolphins. Sounds exciting, right? There’s more to it. You can even spot the sea birds, including red-billed gulls, and black shags, among others. If you are inclined towards flora, you can look for the Castlepoint daisy, an attraction on the Castlerock and reefs. 

7. Cycling and Hiking
Don’t want to settle in one place and explore the outskirts well? Cycle or hike up across the Rahui Coastal Loop to make the adventurer in you happy. Some short treks, but they are worth your time. 

Photo Credit: Rahuicostal.co.nz

If you do want to go for an intensive climb, you can take a walk around Whareama Coastal Walk, which is a light activity that includes just strolling across the place. 

8. Watersports
If you are out for a long weekend and planning to stay for the night, do not miss out on the watersports, including surfing and swimming! There are some good waves that you can enjoy surfing on between the plateau and the cliff. The sandy beach also makes it easy to access the waters and is safe to enjoy other activities as well. 

9. Golf
In for some games? Golf is it. Castlepoint also has a golf club with a 9-hole course surrounded by some stunning coastal views. However, if that’s full, you can go around exploring more golf courses that are just an hour’s drive from the location. 

10. Wineries

Why wait to have all the fun when you reach the location? You can have it on the road itself. On your journey to Castlepoint, you can enjoy a little treat by visiting the wineries in Wairarapa and making the trip memorable. 

The Final Destination

So, if you are all about exploring the outskirts and need some time off from the mainstream locations, Castlepoint has everything for you! Just do not forget to pack your essentials as the place is still unexplored by many. Use a video collage maker to compile all your memories from the trip. Go ahead and explore the north island of New Zealand from a unique outlook!

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