29 August 2018 | Written by Scott Martin

Top 25 – NZ Travel Instagram Accounts of 2018

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After Extensive Research & Deliberation, We’ve Come Up With Our Top 25 – NZ Travel Instagram Accounts of 2018.

In the ranks, you’ll find some of the most entertaining, helpful, unique and/or popular Accounts out there today. To keep it Kiwi, we decided to only include accounts that have either covered New Zealand or are controlled by Kiwi expats making their mark on the world. Have a read through and find your ultimate source of travel inspiration for your next trip!

The Criteria

The account covers a niche topic that is interesting and uncommon. Whether it’s a focus on food, the road less travelled or family travel – if it covers a subject well, it earns points in our books!

For this criteria, photos that were taken by the owners of the accounts.

Everyone loves a good scroll. Whether it’s humour, great photographs or stunning videos – a good account is always entertaining.

Social following:
The amount of online fans and followers an account has earned is an important ranking factor. These blogs are popular for a reason!

1. NZ Travel Account – @Talman

This incredibly talented individual has taken some breathtaking photographs of some of New Zealand’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes. Whether he’s climbing a mountain to catch the perfect photo at dawn, or chartering a plane through the Southern Alps to snap the seasonal transitions of the landscapes. We have been following his account for a while now, so are delighted to give Talman the first place spot in our Top 25 NZ Travel Accounts.

849 posts | 42.6k followers | 384 following


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Today marks 2 years since I quit my job to chase photography full time! 😁📸🙌 That's 2 years spent exploring this beautiful world, 2 years spent stepping out of my comfort zone, 2 years working harder than I ever have at something, 2 years spent on the road, 2 years of personal sacrifice in pursuit of a dream, 2 years spent living a life more fulfilled than I ever have 😎🤙 A big huge thanks to all of you for your constant support and encouragement, I'm not sure I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! ☺️☺️❤️ Today's a huge milestone for me personally, my goal has always been to survive the first 2 years as a small business, now here I am! 😁 Amped to now start dreaming about the next milestones! 😊

A post shared by New Zealand Adventure&Travel (@talman) on

2. NZ Travel Account – @Leahliyah

This New Zealand born traveller has some truly stunning photos from all around the world. Growing up in Rotorua, Leah heads back to our shores at least once a year to see friends and family, and of cause snap some incredible pics of NZ. With a good combination of lifestyle and scenic photography, this is a great account for any keen Instagrammer to follow.

233 posts | 123k followers | 346 following


3. NZ Travel Account – @barekiwi

Where do we start with this account! If you haven’t had a scroll already, we highly recommend you do. Kyle takes some truly gorgeous photos of NZ landscapes and wildlife using a mixture of drone footage, his trusty camera, and his GoPro. He really has all the tech he needs to showcase all aspects of New Zealands beautiful landscapes. His photos are vivid, interesting and more importantly, embody the vibes and culture of NZ. Make sure to follow if you love fresh, colourful scenic photography.

1,764 posts | 60.1k followers | 1,430 following


4. NZ Travel Account – @polkadotpassport

Polkadot passport embodies the an incredibly successful travel blogger of Instagram. Her main focus is travel, not products, not items, but pure travel. She is currently living in Auckland, NZ but flies all over the world writing for her travel blog and experiencing new cultures and places. She has a good mix of domestic and international photographs. So make sure to give her account a follow!

1,324 posts | 251k followers | 678 following


5. NZ Travel Account – @eskrow_nz

Eskrow has an awesome mix of kiwi landscape and gorgeous NZ properties on their account. They capture photos from all over the North and South Island and are great for showcasing regions you may have never seen or heard of before.

195 posts | 9,823 followers | 1,975 following


6. NZ Travel Account – @two_clueless_backpackers_

We actually had the privilege of meeting these two legends in person earlier this year. Two Clueless Backpackers are made up of a travelling couple from the UK called Miles & Tilly. They quit both of their jobs, bought one-way tickets to NZ, and purchased there trusty home and van; Betsy. They’re currently travelling the entire country with their camera and skateboards, capturing some truly awe-inspiring shots of NZ in Winter time. A must follow for all New Zealanders!

59 posts | 1,252 followers | 1,928 following


7. NZ Travel Account – @tia_NZ_

Tia is a born and bred Kiwi girl. Growing up in the mighty Waikato, but with a lifelong passion for the ocean, she has been living in Papamoa for the last 3 years. Luckily for her Insta followers, Papamoa is a perfect location for some AMAZING kiwi experiences and landscape photography. Tia truly loves nature and the ocean, and boy does that shine through all of her posts.

97 posts | 680 followers | 541 following


8. NZ Travel Account – @purenewzealand

Pure New Zealand is one of the more larger and well known NZ Instagram accounts to make the list. And for good reason, their feed features some incredible sunsets, hidden locations and the ‘postcard’ NZ that we all know and love. With 853,000 followers, they are definitely worth a follow!

849 posts | 853k followers | 155 following


9. NZ Travel Account – @tourism_nz

Tourism NZ has a great Insta feed as they share and repost NZ travellers amazing photos that they capture while they’re here. This means that there are often people in their photographs, and great activities and experiences to see that you may not have known were available.

1,668 posts | 73.2k followers | 3,166 following


10. NZ Travel Account – @youngadventuress

Liz Carlson is truly a travel blogger with a clear love for New Zealand and it’s natural beauty. Her Instagram features some stunning images of Kiwi Landscapes, unique experiences and loads of wildlife. The Young Adventuress has an incredibly popular travel blog that naturally spills over to her large following on instagram of 200,000. Definitely worth a follow in our books.

4,096 posts | 200k followers | 4,116 following


11. NZ Travel Account – @shaun_jeffers

Shaun’s account is full of true Kiwi imagery. He has a combination of aerial footage, cultural photography and showcases some of New Zealand’s most popular attractions with his trusty camera. We really loved how he captured the stars in a number of his photos. With 85.6k followers, you can’t deny that this photographer is incredibly talented in his craft!

1,078 posts | 85.6k followers | 604 following


12. NZ Travel Account – @logan_dodds

Logan Dodds took off when he created a viral travel video that gained millions of views and global coverage. This plumber is now a social media super star collaborating with the likes of Contiki, Air New Zealand and the Edge. With all that aside, he has an amazing instagram account that’s packed full of stunning New Zealand photography and videography. Would highly recommend following this account if you love a kicked back Kiwi lad making his mark on the world.

771 posts | 51.3k followers | 943 following


13. NZ Travel Account – @chelebanks

This Wellington local has amassed quite the instagram following using her skills as a landscape photographer and get this, only using her iPhone 6s. She has some truly stunning images of Kiwi sunsets, the gorgeous City of Wellington and the occasional snaps of her loveable dog. She really does embody the Kiwi local in her instagram and we love seeing her pictures appear on our feed (and we hope you do too!).

3,224 posts | 3,977 followers | 878 following


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Living off the land…

A post shared by chelebanks (@chelebanks) on

14. NZ Travel Account – @hattieconstance

Although Hattie is originally from the UK, she is very much a Kiwi girl after spending a number of years in Auckland City, travelling around the country whenever she can. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hattie, and she is truly a lovely, humble young woman that really enjoys showcasing the country that has stolen her heart. With a mix of lifestyle and nature photography, she is definitely worth a follow!

213 posts | 6,800 followers | 530 following


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This blue gorge was completely surreal 💦And only took us 10 minutes to get to from our car – a nice change from 3+ hour walks! What you can't see from this photo is all the crazy sand flies eating me alive. I'm going to be red and itchy for a few days now but I can honestly say it was worth it for this view 😍😍 #hokitika #nztravel #nzblogger . . . . . . #thehappynow #wondeleurspark #makeyousmilestyle #abmlifeissweet#abmlifeiscolorful #abmhappyhour #abmsummer #abmtravelbug #flashesofdelight #girlbosses #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #mytinyatlas #dscolor #livecolorfully #liveauthentic #theblogissue #nothingisordinary #finditliveit #prettylittlething #howyouglow #nzbloggers #creativebusiness #darlingmovement #nzblogger #darlingweekend #auckland

A post shared by Hattie Constance Cochrane (@hattieconstance) on

15. NZ Travel Account – @chelsmunro_

Where do we start with Chelsea Munro! Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer that we have been following for a number of years now. But she seems to seamless adapt to any kind of photography that she puts her mind too. Whether she is flying over the Southern Alps taking breath-taking photos, or heading down to the coastline to snap some early morning surfers catching some waves. This young lady is a master of her trade and we have really enjoyed watching her profile and skills develop over the years.

663 posts | 3,453 followers | 786 following


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Staying cosy in that -1 morning sun ❄️✨

A post shared by Chelsea Munro (@chelsmunro_) on

16. NZ Travel Account – @joella__xx

Lawyer by day, and travel photography by night. This young lady manages to capture some truly stunning experiences in not only New Zealand, but all around the world. After following Joella__xx for over a year now, she really does embody the culture of the places that she visits. Whether they are Kiwi locals or Vietnamese locals, you can’t help be get a sense that you are right there with her experiencing that moment together. We highly recommend following this talented and humble young woman.

291 posts | 5,435 followers | 898 following


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🔭🌊 loves a good view

A post shared by J O E L L A (@joella__xx) on

17. NZ Travel Account – @tommytwig

Tommy Twig has truly mastered the art of drone photography. His images are truly stunning and show places you may have seen before in a completely different way. There is nothing quite like seeing a NZ Zealand beach in its entirety, as if you were flying above it. He also features some gorgeous photos of NZ wildlife and friends that he brings along on his adventures.

273 posts | 3,890 followers | 691 following


18. NZ Travel Account – @trippersociety

Don’t be fooled by the follow count here. This account is truly a world class Instagram account that we believe will continue to grow into an influential and awe inspiring collection of New Zealand at it’s best. This group of content creators manages to showcase places in NZ that some of us have never seen, as well as adds a people element that makes it feel like you are there with them experiencing these gorgeous locations and sceneries. Watch this account team, because they are true masters of their craft.

304 posts | 5,691 followers | 405 following


19. NZ Travel Account – @ecowanakaadventures

Eco Wanaka Adventures has a perfect combination of New Zealand alpine photography, coupled with ample wildlife imagery such as native birds and other native animals to NZ. Wanaka has to be one of the most photogenic regions of NZ, and this Instagram account is a great example of showcasing this beauty, to not only Kiwi’s but NZ followers all over the world.

547 posts | 2,565 followers | 522 following


20. NZ Travel Account – @wingsofafeather

Mindy Lamoureux is a true adventurer. Although Mindy is currently living in Canada, we stubbled across her account while she was travelling New Zealand in March this year and were absolutely blown away with the photos she was taking while hiking some of NZ’s most jaw dropping mountains. If you love rugged mountain adventures, this account is not to be missed!

709 posts | 10k followers | 1,177 following


21. NZ Travel Account – @rach_swiftandclick

Rachel’s Instagram account is alive with the emotions and joy of the people she captures with her camera. Rachel is a Mount Maunganui resident, that features a mix of landscape photography and lifestyle images. We came across her account earlier this year and couldn’t help but be drawn in to the stories she tells through her powerful and personable imagery. Well worth a follow in our opinion!

902 posts | 4,364 followers | 2,005 following


22. NZ Travel Account – @bayofplentynz

The Bay of Plenty region has got to be one of the North Islands most beautiful regions. The coastlines, the mountains, the rivers and waterfalls. The BOP truly has it all. This is even more apparent in the jaw dropping Instagram account that showcases it’s stunning scenery, sunsets and people. We would highly recommend following this page, because even if you travel to there often, it’s a great reminder to keep exploring the countless palces the region has to offer.

758 posts | 7,893 followers | 63 following


23. NZ Travel Account – @samdeuchrass

This New Yorker has set up shop here in New Zealand, and lucky for us that he did, because he captures some incredible photos of some of New Zealand’s most beautiful regions. His account really highlights the South Island’s well known locations as well as some rugged untouched scenery. We originally found his account when searching for images of the Sutherland Falls in Fiordlands National Park. Ever since than we’ve loved coming across his stunning photography on our newsfeed.

226 posts | 38.1k followers | 390 following


24. NZ Travel Account – @anitahendrieka

Anita is a full time travel blogger that has found her way all around the world photographing and documenting her trips. Born and raised in New Zealand, this Instagramer travels the world full time now, whilst never forgetting her roots here in NZ. She has taken some truly stunning images of New Zealand, and with a large following of instragramers, she really knows what she’s doing. Much love from us Kiwi’s back in the motherland.

856 posts | 17.1k followers | 6,037 following


View this post on Instagram

I love to travel because….. 🌴It gives me confidence. 🌏I love to see a snippet of other people's lives and cultures. ✈️ I have learnt more lessons from the world than I could have learnt from anyone. 📸I love how I can capture a point in time at the most amazing locations around the world which I will keep forever. 👸🏼 I love meeting new and inspiring people. 🏄🏼 I love being able to try new experiences I would have never been able to have the chance to do before. 🐘 I love that I can see the most beautiful and bizarre animals that walk on this earth. 👌🏼 I love how travel opens your mind and heart. 🙈 I love to travel because it tests me and my patience plus it also highlights skills I never knew I had. 🐠 Travel gives me a new perspective on different aspects of my life. 🐚 I love to travel so I can prove to my myself that I can do anything. 🍜And finally I travel because I love to taste the different food each culture has to offer. So, that is some reasons I love to travel, tell me yours below! #GLTWhereToNext @girlslovetravel @airnz

A post shared by 🌏ANITA HENDRIEKA 🌏 (@anitahendrieka) on

25. NZ Travel Account – @ck_travelette

Caro’s account has a specular array of landscape imagery that is very hard to scroll past. We started following Ck_Travelette while she was travelling around New Zealand, late last year. During her time here she really showcased some gorgeous, rugged photos of NZ landscapes. Her account is mostly made up of natural, untouched mountains and forests. So if thats something you enjoy seeing on your Instagram feed. Make sure to give her a follow!

557 posts | 10.9k followers | 407 following


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Did you miss out this year and want to be considered for our 2019 Top 25 – NZ Instagram Accounts? Contact us in the comments below with your blog URL and we’ll add you to our list of consideration for next year!

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