5 October 2018 | Written by Scott Martin

Top 50 NZ Must Do’s – As Voted By You!

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“What should I do in New Zealand?’ This is a classic question that all Kiwis’ are well versed in answering.

Whether you’re letting another Kiwi know about what’s good in your region, or enlighting an overseas traveller to make their experience a whole lot better. Regardless of who’s asking, we all have our go-to’s that hold a special place in our heart.

We’re lucky enough to host Kiwis and foreign all over the country in some iconic, and very kiwi locations. But we got thinking if we can provide the holiday home, why can’t we ask New Zealand to help us create the ultimate list of Kiwi experiences that we can all use to make everyone’s getaways that little bit sweeter.

So it’s over to you! We’re calling on Kiwis and travellers to help us figure out what is truly the New Zealand must-dos. Not only will we be able to get a list for the country as a whole, but also what to do regionally, so that when you’re in a part of NZ for the first time, you can draw on this awesome list of stuff to do!



Top 50 NZ Must Do's Website

We’re giving away 5x $500 Bachcare vouchers for entering your must do too!

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