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Top 50 Travel Blogs of 2018

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After Extensive Research & Deliberation, We’ve Curated Our Top 50 Travel Blogs of 2018.

After an amazing response last year when we posted The Top 50 Travel Bloggers of 2017, it’s good to be back for the 2018 edition! Amongst the ranks, you’ll find some of the most entertaining, helpful, unique and/or popular blogs out there today. To keep it Kiwi, we decided to only include blogs that have either covered New Zealand or are written by Kiwi expats making their mark on the world. Have a scroll through and submerge yourself in the world of travel and adventure. We hope you find the ultimate source of travel inspo for your next trip!

The Criteria



The blog covers a niche topic that is interesting and uncommon. Whether it’s a focus on food, the road less travelled or family travel – if it covers a subject well, it earns points in our books!



For this criteria, articles that took real-life experience and channelled that into useful tips for readers well scored points.



Everyone loves a good read. Whether it’s humour, great photographs or stunning videos – a good blog is always entertaining.


Social following:

The amount of online fans and followers a blog has earned is an important ranking factor. These blogs are popular for a reason! We’ve combined both Facebook + Instagram reach.


1. Polkadot Passport | Combined social reach: 262.9k

Nicola from Polkadot Passport focuses on producing visually-rich posts about meaningful travel, unique bucket-list experiences and adventure activities around the globe. She writes both entertaining and helpful guides for visiting the places she has been, turning her experiences and lessons into helpful tips for her readers.


2. Sophocles | Combined social reach: 23.7k

Sophocles Blog is a journal dedicated to exploring new places, communities, stories, destinations off the beaten path and to living a life of adventure. Sophie’s photographs are a visual delight, and pair perfectly with her wonderful storytelling style. Her talent makes for magical accounts of destinations around the globe!

3. Bare Kiwi | Combined social reach: 116.7k

Kyle Mulinder has always had a reputation for contagious energy and a passion for life all mixed up with an unwavering belief that there is no place on Earth like Aotearoa. His photo and video content are nothing short of amazing, and it’s easy to see why the likes of GoPro and Macpac have partnered with him.


4. Young Adventuress | Combined social reach: 244.6k

Liz describes herself as a normal girl living her biggest and messiest dreams. Four years ago she moved to NZ and began blogging full time. She has a refreshing approach to documenting her life and travels, and is quite the comedian! Expect to find articles like ‘My journey to becoming an exceptionally average snowboarder’.


5. Roam Magazine | Combined social reach: 10.7k

A collective of contributors, Roam Magazine has a well-curated collection of area guides, photo essays, interviews, videos and more. We’re still fond of this photo essay by contributor Hannah Colligan that showed New Zealand through people rather than landscapes, something we found unique and refreshing.


6. Kiwis Off Course | Combined social reach: 29.5k

Bianca and Brett (aka B1 and B2) are the young kiwis behind this epic blog. They set off from down under in pursuit of adventure and conquering their bucket list. They aim to help others to break free from the so-called shackles of a normal life, offering advice and inspiration on how to do extraordinary things.


7. Department of Wandering | Combined social reach: 32k

The Department of Wandering earns itself seventh place through the quality and expansive breadth of its content. Excellent articles can be found across a range of interests, destinations and experiences. Think babymoons, eco-tourism, weekend escapes, road trips, reviews, and lifestyle pieces such as expat life.


8. Here Magazine | Combined social reach: 20.3k

Here Magazine celebrates personal, honest, and inclusive travel storytelling. They publish compelling, thoughtful and unique travel stories through the lens of a local, creative and influential people – offering priceless perceptions and intel on locations across the world. We find the blog highly refreshing.

9. The Global Couple | Combined social reach: 4k

Steet food, the outdoors, and drones. Petra and Shaun are two Kiwi’s who love to travel both in our own backyard and across the globe. They love road trips and wandering with no destination in mind. They offer excellent intel on what to do in both New Zealand and overseas destinations alike!


10. In a Faraway Land | Combined social reach: 42.5k

In a Faraway Land is ideal for those who love road trips, being outdoors and above all, photography. Marta is a serial hiker and creates excellent guides as well as visual maps which are easy to follow and understand.


11. The Culture Trip | Combined social reach: 6.7m

This is run by a large network of contributors, covering a huge base of niches along with it. Its unique angle comes from its equal focus on the ‘to-do’ of an area and letting you ‘get to know’ the place before you head off. Their vision is to bring the world to everyone and in doing so to bring us all closer together.


12. Off the Path | Combined social reach: 146.7k

Off the Path is an adventure-travel focused blog. Here you’ll find detailed road trip style posts, containing a 50/50 mix of recommendations and personal experience accounts. They aim to inspire people to follow their dreams, get amongst some adventure and have heaps of fun whilst doing so!


13. Beanies and Bikinis | Combined social reach: 13.8k

Nikki Bigger’s blog specialises in what she calls ‘Vanlife’. Her entertaining words and stunning pictures capture off the beaten track travel, perfect for adventure travellers that are looking to maximise adventure on a budget. Expect articles such as ‘Milford Sound: I Found The 8th Wonder of The World’.


14. Backpacking Matt | Combined social reach: 23.8k

Matt is a guy from Iowa that has ended up calling Queenstown, New Zealand home. He offers up some great destination specific travel advice, with a particular focus on adventure and exploration as well as backpacking as his blog name would suggest.


15. Divergent Travelers | Combined social reach: 74k

Dream. Dare. Diverge. Lina and David are the adventurers behind Divergent Travelers, both having giving up the quintessential ‘American Dream’ to chase adventure around the globe. They track down and experience some of the best adventures on this planet, putting together a mission/bucket list of the Top 100 Adventures.


16. Ben Mikha | Combined social reach: 26.3k

Although not a traditional blogger in the sense of having a dedicated blog website, Ben Mikha earns his place by way of his incredible photos and editing style (arguably some of the best visual content in the digital realm!). He is also Discovery’s first global intern and produces excellent videos on his YouTube channel.


17. World of Wanderlust | Combined social reach: 1.2m

World of Wanderlust is a blog designed to inspire its viewers to travel and live a more adventurous life. Brooke mixes great articles covering a range of topics from solo travel, to city guides and must do’s, as well as simply stunning photo diaries which are well worth checking out.


18. Luxury Travel Diary | Combined social reach: 143.5k

The Luxury Travel Diary offers excellent advice for those who appreciate the finer things in life and like to splurge a little while travelling. They mainly cover accommodation, transport and travel accessories – even covering one of our luxury holiday homes Oke Beach House in a special article!


19. The Blonde Abroad | Combined social reach: 728k

The Blonde Abroad is an awesome website offering advice for solo and female travel around the world. Kiki offers excellent insights on a range of different trips such as solo travel, luxury travel, volunteer travel, as well as visually documenting her experiences beautifully.


20. Phenomenal Globe | Combined social reach: 5.8k

Phenomenal Globe is a blog run by Netherlands-born traveller Lotte. She travels the world and writes highly detailed and helpful itinerary, diary and advice style blogs from her experiences. She covers the budget travel niche well, with informative articles such as this guide on exploring New Zealand on a budget.


21. The Travelling Tom | Combined social reach: 7.6k

The Travelling Tom is a great blog to follow for information about a new place on your travel bucket list. His country-themed overviews make deciding on places to visit an easy one. Tom aims to encourage people to just go and travel – believing travel is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences that you can do.


22. Exploring Kiwis | Combined social reach: 45.4k

Nathan and Sarah are both Kiwi expats with a love of adventure. They scour the globe on the hunt for memorable experiences. Catering to all budgets – from unexpected bargains to the most breath-taking of luxury – if an experience has that ‘wow factor’, they’re there for it!


23. Free And Addicted | Combined social reach: 3.8k

Leah and Bryn are a young kiwi couple hailing from Auckland, who now find themselves traversing the world in search of epic adventures! From topics such as festivals, surf, mountains and van life they’ve got some great advice and beautiful images to suit!

24. Adventure In You | Combined social reach: 62.5k

Tom and Anna are the two travellers behind Adventure In You. Their blog covers everything from adventure holidays, recommended gear, tips + inspiration, guidebooks and even a blogging school based on their personal experience of how to turn a blog into a six-figure business.


25. 2 Aussie Travellers | Combined social reach: 37.9k

The 2 Aussie Travellers expertly cover budget travel and short trips – perfect for those who work full time and can’t go on a long around-the-world adventure. Even though they’re ‘2 Aussie Travellers’, both have lived in New Zealand, so give a good insider’s view of travelling the country.


26. Hand Luggage Only | Combined social reach: 251.3k

Yaya and Lloyd describe themselves as travellers, foodies and dance ninjas. They incorporate excellent foodie insights as well as photography tips, whilst expertly documenting the places they visit. Their roundups of what to do in an area are excellent.


27. Runaway Juno | Combined social reach: 35.9k

Mechanical Engineer turned full-time traveller Juno Kim creates blog articles with stunning photography and interesting diary-style accounts of her travels. Runaway Juno is here to empower you to live your life to the fullest through travel. We love this post covering the Fletcher Bay Coastal Walk (a coromandel bucket list activity!)


28. Nomadic Matt | Combined social reach: 344.6k

With humble beginnings, Nomadic Matt has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known travel blogs, now earning itself a network of contributors. Matt covers a range of interesting experiences and insightful tips + guides on budget travel!


29. The Style Jungle | Combined social reach: 11.5k

Kseniia Spodyneiko is the travel journalist and blogger behind The Style Jungle. Her colourful articles and stunning pictures captured by her partner Alex, allow readers to reach new destinations in one click.


30. Migrating Miss | Combined social reach: 19.8k

Whether you’re looking to make long-term travel a part of your life, or just want advice for the trip of a lifetime, Sonja’s blog has some valuable information. She’s an expat Kiwi, who’s now based in Scotland (if you can call it that – she’s constantly on the move!). Check out her blog and be inspired.


31. Anita Hendrieka | Combined social reach: 19.6k

Anita Hendrieka is a 25-year-old new Zealander currently living in Albania. She aims to tarnish misconceptions about certain destinations, and share her stories and opinions. She offers quality advice to be the best traveller you can be and is well worth checking out!


32. The Poor Traveler | Combined social reach: 731.3k

Yoshke & Vins are the duo behind The Poor Traveler. Their main focus is to give advice those interested on stretching their travel budget, based on what they’ve learned throughout their own adventures. This ranges from general tips you can apply to any destination, to comprehensive travel guides for different locations.


33. Solo Traveler World | Combined social reach: 240.4k

Solo Traveler World is an online community run by Janice and Tracey. It spawned from a popular Facebook community where solo travellers review and rate destinations and activities for other fellow solo travellers. The blog is a real community for exchange tips, suggestions and encouragement.


34. Getting Stamped | Combined social reach: 267.6k

Adam and Hannah are the duo behind Getting Stamped, and built the site for the vacation loving adventure seekers out there, that would never let a single hour of time off go unused. They offer easily digestible features with tips on what not to miss, the best time to go and how to avoid potential pitfalls!


35. The Sweet Wanderlust | Combined social reach: 22.2k

A travel blog for people with a sweet tooth & a taste for adventure! Brittany pulls together thoroughly entertaining articles such as ‘Party like Ed Sheeran in Queenstown’ and ‘Wanaka’s Farmers Market and the best doughnut I ever ate’. Be prepared to have some serious food and travel envy.


36. Legal Nomads | Combined social reach: 120.9k

Jodi Ettenberg’s blog is perfect for those who prefer to travel from plate to plate. Foodie-focused posts with a blend of travel tips and experiences make up her popular blog. The posts are useful and entertaining, a favourite of ours is her guide to eating street food without getting sick.


37. Where’s Sharon? | Combined social reach: 26.4k

Travelling as a family can be pretty tough, but blogs like Where’s Sharon are full of tips to make it a bearable and memorable experience. Her blog contains a mixture of family-friendly destination guides as well as useful family travel tips. Perfect if you’re about to head away with the little ones and need some advice!


38. Destinationless Travel | Combined social reach: 27k

Dan and Bailey describe themselves as your regular twenty-five year old backpackers. They travel on a budget, like a good party, and are suckers for a funny travel story. They encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones; such as taking local transport in a developing country or jumping out of an aeroplane.


39. Her Packing List | Combined social reach: 19.9k

Her Packing List is a blog that covers a very specific niche, but does it well. It’s all about the right gear to bring to particular destinations and how to pack it. If you find it hard to pick the bare necessities for a big travel trip, or want to know about the latest and best gear, Her Packing List has got you covered!


40. The Boho Chica | Combined social reach: 42.9k

Natasha from The Boho Chica writes interesting and useful posts about travel, food and hiking. Instead of being focused on low-budget travel as a lot of younger bloggers do, Natasha includes experiences that are also suited to those with a bit more disposable income. We find her blog both refreshing and inspiring.


41. Time Travel Turtle | Combined social reach: 27k

Michael Turtle writes a very unique blog. He narrows down on some of the more unconventional topics seen on the web. Topics revolving around human ethical issues, interviews with locals and talking about change over time (see his post about the Franz Joseph Glacier) are not astray on his site!


42. Flashpacker Family | Combined social reach: 12.4k

Kiwis Bethany and Lee write informative articles and advice pieces about travelling with young ones. They cover topics such as how to plan a toddler-friendly travel itinerary and flying tips of children – extremely useful for those who think travel is a near-impossible task with kids! Bethany and Lee have got you covered.


43. Frugal Frolicker | Combined social reach: 6.6k

Frugal Frolicker mainly covers adventure travel on a budget. Lindsay (the founder), writes fascinating articles and takes beautiful pictures. She’s also a bit of a coffee-lover (which resonates with us) and writes coffee-place reviews on some of the locations she’s visited – great for fellow coffee enthusiasts!


44. Eco Traveller Guide | Combined social reach: 4.4k

If you have a passion for the environment and travel, Linda McCormick writes great articles centred around her family travels, eco-tourism and different cuisines. She often takes her two daughters along with her, making Eco Traveller Guide ideal for family holiday inspiration as well.


45. Backroad Planet | Combined social reach: 31.4k

Howard and Jerry are two bloggers from Florida, USA. Their itineraries and road trip posts are especially entertaining and useful, and if you’re thinking about taking that dream campervan trip around NZ, they have a great guest post about a 2 month long roadtrip in New Zealand!


 46. Bridges and Balloons | Combined social reach: 13.7k

Victoria and Steve are a couple that have a passion for travel, sharing their experiences with the internet through a mixture of itineraries, diary-style posts, special accommodation overviews and general advice pieces. Whether you’re after general inspiration or destination specific information – you’re sure to find it here.


47. Ordinary Traveler | Combined social reach: 100.8k

Christy and Scott’s blog focuses on high-adventure activities, but instead of being a full-time digital nomad like a lot of the popular blogs out there, they write about their travelling experiences as people who still work, hence the name ‘Ordinary Traveler’. Great for those who only have a set amount of vacation time per year.


48. The Wandering Lens | Combined social reach: 33.8k

The Wandering Lens covers all things photography-related when it comes to travel. With breathtaking photographs to serve as inspiration and guides on topics such as The Best Photography Locations in Queenstown, those that have love being behind the lens will find this a great blog to follow.


 49. Jon is Travelling | Combined social reach: 9.6k

Jon is a Kiwi expat who now travels the world full time. He has a humorous writing style, making his posts great to read and easy to follow. His focus falls more into the low-budget backpackers category – good for those wanting to explore more for less! His blog is well worth checking out.


 50. Flying and Travel | Combined social reach: 11.9k

Mark from Flying and Travel is an Airline Pilot, giving a unique insight into travel and flying around the globe. He writes detailed itineraries and activity-based articles about the locations he’s visited, as well as a section dedicated to flying advice and interest pieces. We also think his photos are excellent.


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Did you miss out this year and want to be considered for our 2019 top 50 travel blogs? Contact us in the comments below with your blog URL and we’ll add you to our list of consideration for next year!

Over to you

Do you have any favourite travel blogs not listed here? We had a few heated discussions about what blogs should/shouldn’t be included in the top 50. If you have any go-to travel blogs, let us know in the comments below!


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