19 February 2020 | Written by Bachcare Holiday Homes

What to do in Hastings on a family holiday!

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Hastings Things To Do

Another gem of the Hawke’s Bay region is Hastings. From vineyards to natural gems, your family will be spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying a holiday here.

To assist in planning the ultimate itinerary, we’ve put together our top seven picks for what to do on your next visit to Hastings…

1. Vineyards!

hastings vineyards
Photo credit: Craggy Range

Hastings is known as the ‘fruit bowl of New Zealand’, with the vast number of vineyards being a key reason to how it was given that name. You can easily spend a day (or two, or three…) checking out all the vineyards and indulging in some wine tasting, while the little ones snack on some delicious local fruit. While it’s hard to choose wrong, don’t miss out on Craggy Range, William Murdoch Wines and Pask Winery – three (of many!) absolute gems in this wine region.

2. Explore the Pekapeka Wetlands

what to do in hastings with your family
Photo credit: Hawkes Bay Tourism

Hastings is home to the Pekapeka Wetlands, a restorative project put on by the Council after the region lost the majority of their wetlands post-earthquake. It’s easily accessible, nicely laid out and offers unique tranquillity that is hard to find anywhere else in Hastings. The kids will love the wildlife and you’ll love the peace and quiet you get to enjoy while roaming around.

3. Hike Te Mata Peak

hastings things to do

It’s hard to miss the dramatic Te Mata Peak in the Hawke’s Bay. A short drive from Hastings will bring you to a stunning hike to the top of this Peak. You’ll roam through farmland, pass lots of cows and sheep, walk through some small rivers and be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the entire region. It is easy to spend an entire day up at Te Mata Peak and an easy way to wear the kids out before bedtime!

4. Visit a farm

things to do in hastings
Photo credit: Hawkes Bay Farmyard Zoo

When in Hastings, why not visit a farm? Both Hawkes Bay Farmyard Zoo and Funky Farm have created family friendly attractions where children and adults alike can learn and interact with farm animals for the day. You can feed and pet the animals, learn to ride a horse and enjoy a scenic picnic, all while appreciating the great efforts it takes to run a farm in Hawke’s Bay.

5. Take a day trip to Ocean Beach

hastings family things to do
Photo credit: Hawkes Bay Tourism

A thirty-minute drive from Hastings will bring you to the most scenic beach in the Hawke’s Bay region – Ocean Beach. The sand is vast, the waves are big and the landscape is unreal! While it’s not always a swim-safe beach, there is plenty to do in this region. From riding horses to watching unbelievable sunrises, you can easily spend the day as a family at this top-notch beach.

6. Have a picnic at the Osmanthus Garden

hastings family outings
Photo credit: Hawkes Bay Tourism

The Osmanthus Garden in Cornwall Park offers the ideal place to enjoy a family picnic in Hastings. It’s a traditional Chinese garden that is full of pine trees and bamboo – offering a relaxing environment to lounge around in. Enjoy feeding your leftover bread to the ducks in the nearby pond and if you’re there in March, you can watch the traditional Chinese lanterns being lit at dusk.

7. Have an outing with the dogs

hastings family activities
Photo credit: Ranger the corgi

Dogs are an important part of any family unit, so why not take the family dog with you on your next trip to Hasting? There is a stunning dog park call known as Pakowhai Country Dog Park, where your dog will instantly find new best friends. It’s a county-styled park where the whole family can explore along the Raupare Stream and admire the carved out seats in old pine trees.   

From day trips to the vineyards, beach or park, Hastings is a great place for a family holiday. Check out our Hastings holiday homes and start planning your trip!

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