5 October 2018 | Written by Scott Martin

Who Remembers These 7 Iconic Kiwi Ads?

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Wow! Turns Out Hundred Of You Remember The Goodnight Kiwi Broadcast Like It Was Yesterday!

We’ve been absolutely blown away with the amazing conversations and memories from posting this throwback earlier this week. So we’ve put together a list of some iconic Kiwi TV ads that we hope you all remember. We really hope you enjoy and try some of these classic kiwi ads, and if you remember don’t forget to leave a comment below.

1.  Mitre 10 – ‘You’ll Be Right!’ – Aired 2008


Three little boys captured the hearts of the nation with their in-built DIY urges in the Mitre 10 sandpit ad. The TV advertisement, which first aired in 2008, shows Benjamin Counsell, Reuben Powell and Phoenix Flack having a very serious discussion about home renovations on the playground. Cute kids, home renovation and a little dig at the Aussies – all the ingredients needed to become world famous in New Zealand.

2. Marmite – ‘What Makes Kiwis, Kiwi’ – Aired (unsure)


This classic advert is very much a subtle dig at our neighbours across the ditch. Although it was pretty scandalous at the time it was a classic kiwi ad, selling an iconic Kiwi spread.

3. L&P – ‘World Famous In NZ’ – Aired 1994


Wow! This original L&P TV ad came out in 1994. Its super, effective and cemented L&P as a truly iconic kiwi brand that understood what makes New Zealanders tick. The ad is essentially a montage of New Zealanders doing what we do best; burger bars, public swimming pools, the classic L&P bottle in Paeroa that still stands and some questionable furniture. This ad is probably the oldest to make it on the list, and for those that remember, we salute you!

4. Tip Top – ‘UNDIES UNDIES, TOGS!’ – Aired 2006


New Zealand Icecream company Tip Top, in their television commercial, “Undies”, help simplify the answer to the question, “When does a speedo become underwear?” All in the name of the Tip Top Trumpet, an ice cream served up in a waffle cone. “Togs togs togs… Togs togs togs.. Togs togs togs.. Togs… Undies. Undies undies… Undies undies…” CLASSIC!

5. Toyota –  ‘BUGGER!’ – Aired 1999


A series of farming mishaps each provoke the laconic comment — “bugger”. This was the formula behind one of NZ’s most iconic advertisements. Made by Saatchis to follow up the beloved Barry Crump/Lloyd Scott Toyota ads, and directed by Tony Williams, it attracted 120 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (who ruled that “bugger” was unlikely to cause serious offence). The shock value of that word, the role of Hercules the dog, and the performance of the hapless farmer (in the tradition of Dagg and Footrot), made for Kiwi pop culture magic.

6. Tui – ‘Fuelling BBQ’s Since 1989’ – Aired (unsure)


This TV ad brings together a range of Kiwi pop cultural references. From the BBQ in the sun to the farm/lifestyle block locations, to a group of young men huddled around the BBQ with beers in hand. The ad takes a turn when they run out of gas and decide to use a cow’s farts to fuel the BBQ (we couldn’t make this up if we tried). A little crass, but too funny not to include in our list.

7. The Goodnight Kiwi – Aired 1980/1981


In the days before 24-hour television, there was Goodnight Kiwi, a short animation from Sam Harvey that bade viewers goodnight once the day’s broadcasting ended. Each night the plucky Kiwi shut up shop at the TV station, put out the milk, and caught the lift up to sleep in a satellite dish with The Cat. For a generation of kids, Goodnight Kiwi became a much-loved symbol of staying up well past your bedtime. Viewers never questioned why our nocturnal national icon was going to bed at night, or sharing a bed with a cat. The tune is an arrangement of Māori lullaby ‘Hine e Hine’.


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