28 September 2018 | Written by Scott Martin

Your Top 10 – Edmonds Cookbook Recipes!

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We’ve Created a Top 10 – Edmonds Cookbook Recipes List, With The Help of Kiwis All Over The Country!

Wow! This cookbook truly is an iconic staple in every New Zealand home. We’ve been absolutely blown away with the amazing conversations and recommendations we’ve been getting from our amazing Facebook community about the importance of this Kiwi cookbook as well as sharing recipes together of our family favourites, that have been passed down through multiple generations!

We really hope you enjoy and try some of these recipes if you haven’t before because if hundreds of New Zealanders have been swearing by these recipes for decades, they really must be AMAZING.


Here it is: Your Top 10 – Edmonds Cookbook Recipes!

1. The Banana Cake Recipe

Banana Cake Recipe

This recipe was a definite fan favourite! Easy to make, simple ingredients, and more importantly, perfect every time. We had 10+ Bachcare Facebook followers recommend this recipe as there favourite so it’s no surprise that it’s made it to the number 1 spot.

If you manage to make this iconic kiwi cake, post a picture in the comments below, and let us know your favourite icing/topping.

2. The Ginger Crunch Recipe

Ginger Crunch Recipe

This recipe seems super basic in the cookbook but has been a kiwi household favourite for decades. I can still vividly remember my mum setting a fresh batch of Ginger Crunch in the fridge and sneaking a square while she was away from the kitchen!

If you’re looking for a quick, and easy slice to whip up before your guests arrive, look no further!

3. The Afghan Recipe

Afghans Recipe

This recipe had a lot of votes come in and for a very good reason! Afghan biscuits have been an iconic kiwi staple for decades and can be found in bakeries all over the country. The dripped chocolate icing and walnuts on top are a MUST!

They’re quick and easy to make with this recipe and can be whipped up in under 30mins.

4. Chocolate Cream Biscuits Recipe

Nothing pairs with a tea of coffee quite like chocolate cream biscuits. This simple recipe will have you whipping up a beautiful plate of biscuits for any occasion in under 30mins.

Top tip for this one, make sure to carefully cut the rolled out biscuit mix into even circles, so they match up perfectly when they are baked and the filling is added. When done right, these biscuits are a show stopper!

5. Fruit Cake Recipe

This recipe was used by both of my Grandparents for as long as I can remember. The iconic fruit Cake always made an appearance at family Christmas, as well as my old brothers birthday every year (as it was it an absolute favourite, along with the Sultana Cake). In terms of fruitcake recipes, this one is fairly straightforward and can be tackled by bakers at any skill level.

So next time it’s a friend or family members birthday, make sure to keep this cake at the top of your mind.

6. The infamous Mustard Sauce Recipe

Where to start with this AMAZING sauce. We often had corned beef in our family household of 5, and I cannot imagine enjoying this meal as much as we all did without the added flavours of this Mustard sauce.

It’s a quick and easy sauce to whip up while the beef is resting, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a go! 

7. The Peanut Brownies Recipe

The peanut brownie recipe popped up a lot in the comments and we can see why. This super simple but incredibly delicious brownie can be whipped up in no time, and we all have these ingredients in our pantries.

A great recipe to make on a Sunday for delicious brownie squares all week! 

8. The Kiwi Classic, Pavlova Recipe

Pavlova, a Kiwi classic. Need we say more….

Although most New Zealanders just buy these at their local supermarket. There is nothing quite like making your own, and it doesn’t look too complicated with this recipe either!

9. Coconut Chocolate Clusters Recipe

Unfortunately, I have never tried these before. Although they popped up a lot in the comments, so will definitely be making a batch on Sunday afternoon. With most of the ingredients being a staple in any kitchen, these look simple, easy and apparently DELICIOUS!

If you do make these clusters, please post an image in the comments section! We would LOVE to see what they look like.

10. One Egg – Chocolate Cake Recipe

A 1 egg chocolate cake!? We’re not going to lie, we were a little sceptical when we heard about this cake. But we asked around the office and apparently, this truly is an incredible chocolate cake that doesn’t require a long list of ingredients to make.

This cake was and still is the go-to birthday cake for thousands of kiwis around the country. Show us your creations in the comments below!

Our Reader’s Cookbooks! Well Loved By Generations of Kiwis

Did we miss your favourite recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook?

Let us know in the comments below & you may see your family favourite make the list!

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  1. Lynne Paterson

    I love the tomato relish. I still make it 40 years on, and its delicious on cheese and crackers. This cookbook is the best ever. I have 2 copies.

  2. Shirley Blackburn

    I love the Tomato Relish ,My Mum made it I make it and now my son makes it and
    Now my grandson eats it.

  3. Renee Smart

    My favourite 2 recipes are tomato relish and mustard pickles

  4. Lee

    I’ve always used the French Steak casserole recipe using blade steak. Never fails. I just add other vegetables, including celery, beans etc.

  5. Judith murchie

    Still use all those recipes my original book 50 years old absoultly couldn’t live without it. Yum yum.

  6. Dianne

    I can make the banana loaf in my sleep they are all my favorites

  7. Yvonne Watson

    The Lemon Cheese pudding is one of our family favourites!

  8. Maree Armstrong

    My favourite are the little cheesecakes ( don’t know why they’re called that) puff pastry , raspberry jam then filled with the cake batter and baked yum .Used to visit my Nana in Whanganui in the school holidays and she would always have filled the tins with fresh baking , but the cheesecakes were our favourites

  9. Peter Sim

    I can’t believe that the Edmonds’ Pikelets recipe isn’t among the top 10!

  10. Lorraine Miller

    How come you missed out Yo Yo’s and Fruit Sponge Pudding naughty naughty

  11. Helen Coyte

    My 14 year old daughter made the Edmonds Banana cake last weekend and then she made salted caramel flavoured marshmallow which she used to fill and ice it. I can’t add a photo though

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