Your Privacy

We want you to be happy and comfortable with how we use your personal data. After all it is yours, not ours, and we want to keep you in the know. We're not asking you to agree to this notice or hiding anything in it that should be elsewhere, we're just using this space to tell you what we are doing with your personal information. We hope we're doing this in a friendly and plain English way but if anything isn't clear or you want to know more we'll tell you how you can ask us a question later.

Some of what we do is a little bit complicated so we present this policy in two layers in Plain English so you can know what we are doing simply and then the more legal text so you can have precision where you want it. This isn't designed to be read in one session, it is designed for you to dip in and out as you need reassurance or when you have a question.

when you see and read more that is where the legal language lives. We hope you never need that lower layer but it is there if you do.

Our old privacy policy can be found here old privacy policy so you can see what we have changed. This is version 2.0 (so it is better obviously!) and we change this version number if we change the policy. We last changed this privacy notice on 18th of July.

We are Bachcare Limited of Level 2, 7 Falcon Street. Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand and Sykes Cottages Ltd of One City Place, Queens Road, Chester, CH1 3BQ, United Kingdom. We process your data as joint data controllers and we are the people who we mean when we say and “we”, “us”, “Bachcare” and so on in this notice.

Bachcare Limited, a company registered in New Zealand, of Level 2, 7 Falcon Street. Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand and Sykes Cottages Ltd a company registered in England with company number 4469189 of City Place, Queens Road, Chester, CH1 3BQ, United Kingdom, (referred to as “Bachcare” "we", "us" or "our" in this privacy notice) are the primary and joint data controllers in relation to your personal data. This means that we are responsible for your personal data.

We are part of a wider Group of companies including Forge Holiday Group Ltd, Forest Holidays Ltd and Ltd and we sometimes use joint technology services to make data more secure, to make our technology better and quicker or to give you a better service. It doesn’t make a difference to the purposes we use your information for and our Group follow this privacy policy when looking after your data. Where we use these services we are joint data controllers with these companies and we have a binding agreement in place to operate to high standards of data protection.


Our contact details change for different purposes but for privacy and data protection issues you need to get in touch with our Privacy Officer. This is an actual person and he is the Privacy Officer for Bachcare and the Data Protection Officer for all of the companies we have mentioned. He doesn’t bite and he is here to help.

If you need to get in touch then the easiest way to do it is by email: If you need to though then you can use the post and get in touch with us at Level 2, 7 Falcon Street. Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand.

If you are a holidaymaker

We collect your personal details directly from you including your name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers, title and country of residence. If you enter a competition or interact with us on social media we may collect your social media identifiers.

We have to collect some of this data from you to create and maintain an account for you on our systems. We manage our interactions with you using an account system and we will tell you when information is required for us to provide our services rather than you being able to decide whether to give it to us or not. We collect financial data including transactions we have made with you but we do not generally collect or retain payment card details as this processing is outsourced.

We also collect data from you about other people who are in your travelling party. You are responsible for telling them you have given us their data our use of which is governed by this privacy policy. Where you provide us with information about children you are responsible for gaining the relevant consent from them or their parents/guardians.

We collect data for marketing and website management purposes including details of how you have used our website, your responses to surveys and feedback requests, your marketing preferences and your cookie consents.

We collect technical data including internet protocol (IP) addresses, your login data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access our website. Some of this data is used for website management and marketing purposes.

If you are a holiday property owner

We’ll collect everything we say above from you but we also need your bank details to pay you what we owe and we might need to collect more data about your property.

If you are a holidaymaker or a property owner

We collect and use information about you through our website in an effort to improve your experience and to operate and improve the site. These uses may include providing better customer service, making the site easier to use by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information and providing information customised to your interests.

We do not sell, rent or lease your personal information to third parties. You can browse [LINK] without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. It is always your choice whether to receive marketing and promotional information from us our not. It is our policy to make any customer inactive from our database or mailing list upon the customers request.

Please contact us if you wish to opt out of receiving communications from Bachcare Ltd.

We perform behaviour analysis on our website and use it to improve the website and our products. This sounds a lot worse than it is. We have teams of people working out how easy it is for you to find things on our website and what people click. What you personally do is not that interesting though (sorry!) it is more about what hundreds or thousands of people do and how they react. It helps us make our website better for you and for us. Technically though this does use your personal data even if we don’t really know who you are. As an example if you click to read the legal language we want to know that because it suggests we might need to explain ourselves better.

We use data to protect the security or integrity of our website and our business. That includes protecting your data so this is a service provided to you.

We use your data to espond to your enquiries and communicate with you if necessary. It isn’t all about the complaints (but some of it is) and when we deal with your queries we often need to know who you are. Otherwise you get emails addressed to “Sir/Madam” instead of us using your name. Sometimes we need to let the supplier know you have an issue or let you know the supplier has an issue with you so we need to know who you are to get this done.

If you are a holidaymaker

We may use your collected information to:

Process your booking, including sending emails to confirm your booking, reminder of your final payment, confirming final payment and requesting participation in our guest survey, along with customary business communications.

Verify your identity and to assist you if you have forgotten your login or password

Communicate with you and to send you information by email, postal mail or other means about our products, services and promotions, where you agree to receive such information.

Help us learn more about your browsing preferences and personalise this website in accordance with your preferences.

If you are a property owner

We may use your collected information to:

Fulfil our contract with you to market your property to holidaymakers.

Fulfil our contract with you to manage your property.

Make payments to you and communicate with you about market trends, pricing management and our contractual services to you.

If you are a holidaymaker:

We'll share some of your personal information with the owner of the property you have booked. We’re pretty sure this won’t come as a big surprise to you as it is how the business works. They have to know you are coming to get ready for you. We keep this to a minimum and most of it is accessed on our systems so we know who has what.

If we get asked by an appropriate government or regulatory authority we may have to release your information to them. We don’t have a lot of choice in this.

If there is a risk to you or to others we may release your information without telling you first. This will be unusual.

If you are a property owner

We may have to release your information to suppliers connected to managing your property – not always but sometimes.

The tax authorities and other government or regulatory agencies may ask us for information about you. We have no choice in this, we’ll let you know if we can but we won’t if we can’t.

In some circumstances we may need to release your details to holidaymakers. This is mainly in the event of there being a problem that we cannot resolve.

If you are either a holidaymaker or a property owner

We may need to give your information to third parties whom we may choose to sell, transfer, or merge parts of our business or our assets. If a change of ownership happens to our business, then the new owners may use your personal data in the same way as set out in this Privacy Policy.

We only keep data for as long as we reasonably need it. Apart from anything else it slows everything down and costs money if we keep it for longer so we do have a good reason to get rid of it. We have a retention policy that gives details of exactly how long we keep what but the general information can be found by clicking

We are required to keep some information for longer periods by law and we keep some because it is in our legitimate interests but the information below is most relevant to you.

As a guide, you can expect us to retain enough data to identify you for six years after you last interacted with us or we had a commercial relationship with you. This is mainly because that is when records relating to corporate taxation can be removed. Because holiday letting is a long term proposition and can involve large periods of time between actions such as buying a property we will continue to send you marketing promoting our services for up to four years after your last response although the frequency of communications will decrease with time and you can ask us to stop at any time.

While we have a commercial relationship with you we retain full records, including data from more than six years ago and if we reasonably contemplate there may be litigation or there has been a complaint in relation to your property we may retain information beyond the six year standard.


Statutory rights is a posh way of saying there are things you can make us do on request. These aren’t complaints they are rights so we’re fine with you exercising them. Some of these rights only apply if you are a customer who lives in the EU or the UK. Some of them apply only in New Zealand. We list them below.

You have the right to ask us for a copy of the data we hold about you or any part of that data along with some further information about how we process it and keep it safe. We are allowed to ask you for more information about your identity and to ask you to narrow down your request to help us find your data. This right always applies but there are exemptions that mean you may not always receive all of the information we process. If your holiday home is owned by a company (for example if you have set one up) then that company has no right to make an access request – it only applies to people. You cannot make an access request for someone else’s data without their written authorisation.

This is not a simple right and does not always apply. We have to erase your data if it is no longer needed for the purposes we collected it for or if you withdraw your consent where the processing is based on consent.

For property owners we will not erase your data at all while we have a contract with you or if money is owed by us or by you. We will also not erase all of your data for six years because of the rules around corporate financial records. We will also not delete your data if there is an ongoing complaint, if there has been a complaint in the last year, or if we reasonably believe there may be legal action taken in relation to the contract by us, you or a third party.

We will erase your data if we have processed it unlawfully, if you have successfully objected to the processing of your data or if we have a legal obligation to do so.

If your main concern is about marketing communications you may want to tell us to stop sending you marketing communications instead and where this seems to be the reason for an erasure request we will always cease marketing while we discuss this with you.

You always have the right to require us to make sure that the data we hold about you is accurate. Please let us know if it is not and we will fix it. Where we disagree that it is wrong we will tell you why and give you the opportunity to provide evidence that we have made a mistake.

Where you have objected to our data processing and we are still in discussions or there is a dispute over the accuracy of the data or we have agreed our processing is unlawful but you wish to preserve evidence or you require the data for a legal claim you can ask us to restrict processing such that we can only continue to store it. 

Where our basis for processing your data is for the performance of a contract or based on your consent you can ask us to provide your data in a machine readable format for transmission to another data controller.

Where our basis for processing your data is based on legitimate interests you can object at any time and the Data Protection Officer will consider whether the company has an overriding legitimate interest that would mean we would continue to process your data or whether we should stop. You should note that legal claims would generally be regarded as an overriding interest.

This is an absolute right and you can exercise it at any time by getting in touch with us.

If we have made a decision purely by automated means, generally meaning a computer made the decision, you can ask us to have that decision reviewed by a human. We will tell you when a decision has been made by purely automated means.

Where our processing is based on your consent then that consent can be withdrawn at any time. We will tell you when our processing is based on your consent.

Please send an email to or drop us a letter to our postal address at Level 2, 7 Falcon Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand.

Normally we will deal with your requests within one calendar month but particularly complex requests may take longer. We will let you know when that happens.

We always record the date on which the privacy policy has been changed at the top of this page. You can ask us for copies of previous privacy policies and when they were effective from at any time. When we change our purposes for processing your data we will let you know either through this privacy policy or by sending you a direct communication if we think it has a large impact on you. Regular communications may indicate when we have updated this policy and ask you to take a look at it.