Customer Reviews Policy

We, on behalf of the owner(s) of the property (Owner) that you stayed at, and the Owners themselves, are committed to listening to any feedback that you're able to provide to us, and them, about your holiday let experience. This feedback is used by Owners and Bachcare; we look at how we can continuously improve yours, and others, customer journeys.

To ensure your feedback assists with the above and helps others with their bookings each piece of feedback needs to satisfy the following requirements (Feedback Requirements):

  1. it must relate to your stay at an Owner's property in the last 4 months (remember to keep hold of evidence of any issues in case your asked to verify it);
  2. it must be written with the purpose of enabling other customers to understand what to expect from an Owner's property, based on the experience you had;
  3. you are only able to post one piece of feedback per booking, and not one piece of feedback per guest that stayed at the booking;
  4. feedback must be appropriate e.g. it mustn't (i) threaten, (ii) be hateful, (iii) contain swear words or other socially offensive language, (iv) be harmful or otherwise defamatory (if challenged by an Owner), (v) be discriminatory, (vi) contain personal data (for example of the Owner, one of their or Bachcares' representatives or a neighbour) or (vii) be illegal, and by posting it you're confirming that what you've fed back is true, accurate and not misleading (again if challenged by an Owner, or Bachcare if it concerns its booking services), plus the review should clear and unbiased; taking as objective a view as possible for the benefit of other customers, and it mustn't otherwise be deemed inappropriate for publication on a website;
  5. it must not specify the location in any more detail than is available on the property's listing;
  6. it must not specify the amount paid;
  7. feedback of one word, containing questions, containing photos, links, referrals to elsewhere or promotions won’t be published, there are alternative means for asking questions of Bachcare and Owners;
  8. feedback that is the subject of a cease and desist/take down letter from an Owner to a customer, disputed letter before action or a court claim from a customer shall be taken down until the process finds otherwise;

The process for receiving and responding to feedback is currently as follows:

  1. after your booking has taken place you will receive a link, and if you click on it, it will let you leave feedback about your booking;
  2. the relevant Owners will see the feedback;
  3. your feedback won't be published if it doesn't meet the feedback requirements above;
  4. the relevant Owners will have the option of replying to feedback. Owners' replies must also comply with the feedback requirements above;
  5. if we receive notice that a review and/or a response doesn't comply with the feedback requirements above, or we think it doesn't (based on Bachcares' interpretation of the feedback requirements), we can refuse to publish, suspend and/or delete the feedback without notice to the customer or the owner, and without explanation. We can choose to inform affected parties and/or relevant government authorities, public bodies or similar persons about the the breach of the feedback requirements.

Disclaimer: Bachcare hopes that by having this policy, we are encouraging customers to leave genuine, legitimate and constructive feedback about their holiday experience, and it's encouraging Owners to reply in the same manner, or where we reply on their behalf. Bachcare shall not be in any way responsible or liable to Owners or to customers in relation to any feedback posted, not posted, amended, suspended or deleted on/from any one or more of its websites, or in respect of any information obtained from such feedback. Bachcare does not make any representation or warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability of any feedback or content that is published on its websites by customers or Owners. Publication of any feedback or content does not signify that Bachcare agrees with it. The views are the customer's and Owner's own. Bachcare can amend this customer review policy at any time in its absolute discretion.