Bachcare Review Policy

This new Bachcare Review Policy was developed during July 2018. All previous star ratings and reviews were removed by 15th October 2018, and we hit the reset button. All reviews and star ratings currently on our site are consistent with this new review policy.

1. Introduction

Reviews are open to any paying Bachcare guest (Guest). Guest reviews of properties are the subjective opinions of the guests who provided the content. They are not our opinions and are not endorsed by Bachcare. Any reviews which do not meet the requirements of this policy will not be published.

2. Eligibility Guidelines

To submit a review, the following eligibility guidelines must be met:

  • The reviewer must have been a guest or a member of a guest party.
  • Any review must be submitted within three months of the guest’s date of stay.
  • Guests submitting a review must be able to confirm their identity and/or email address.
  • The guest can only review a property in which they have stayed with Bachcare.
  • The reviewer must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If, for any reason, you are evicted from the property you will not be eligible to submit a review.

3. Review Guidelines

All reviews must meet the following guidelines:

  • The review must be directly related to the property at which the guest stayed.
  • The content must not be obscene or abusive, discriminate or include illegal content.
  • The content should not disclose the physical location of the property nor the amount paid.
  • Content must be original, truthful and not misleading, harmful nor intended for improper or unlawful purposes.
  • All reviews must include a star rating and a public review.

4. Publishing Guidelines

  • We will not edit reviews apart from typographical errors.
  • Bachcare may respond to guest reviews.
  • By providing your review, you agree to Bachcare using all or any part of your review for marketing or publicity purposes.

If you see a review or response that does not conform to the above guidelines, please email [email protected].

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