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Best Breakfast Options in Christchurch

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Our favorite breakfast cafes in the garden city

best breakfast christchurch
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Breakfast is not a forgotten meal in the Christchurch food scene. Christchurch chefs are using exciting flavors to infuse old standard breakfast foods with new life. No matter where you go for breakfast, you’re going to have a meal that will tantalize your taste buds.

We’ve made a list of the best breakfasts in Christchurch, to make things easy for you. The hardest part is going to be deciding which to try first!

1. Little Poms

While eating breakfast in the friendly and airy indoor atmosphere at Poms Cosy Neighbourhood Cafe is nice, eating outdoors is also lovely. Here, you can do both! 

Little Poms’ menu has a lot of variety, featuring both old favourites and items with a contemporary flair. Any time you eat at Little Poms, you’re partaking in delicious locally sourced, free-range, and seasonal foods.

Cosy up with familiar breakfast favourites, like toast, muesli, or eggs your way. Or go for a modern choice with a twist, like chilli scrambled eggs or their fruity, spicy steel-cut oat porridge with cardamom custard and chocolate caramel crumbles.

Little Pom’s benny is conceivably the best in Christchurch. Served with charred corn avocado salsa and jalapeno lime hollandaise, bacon, and cheddar biscuits, it’s sure to please. 

2. Black Betty

Black Betty is a spirited local favourite spot for a lovely cuppa or an avant-garde breakfast. Their renovated warehouse location gives lots of space, but they’re popular enough that you may want to book a table to make sure you get a spot.

Black Betty’s speciality is their famous BBIV Espresso blend, which they make into a variety of coffee drinks ranging from mochaccinos to specialty lattes like beetroot and dirty spiced chai. 

They have a full brunch menu available daily until 2.30 pm (if you’re a late riser). 

If you’re a benny fan, you’ll have to decide between bacon, salmon, veggies, beef, potatoes, or pork and potatoe versions. For lighter fare, choose fruity pecan granola.

3. Drexels Breakfast Restaurant

Drexel’s Breakfast Restaurant has the feeling of an old-fashioned American-style diner, complete with booths and a counter to eat while watching all the kitchen action. It’s been a Christchurch breakfast institution for 30 years. 

Any time is time for breakfast at Drexel’s. You’re welcome to order from their Kiwi-American breakfast menu all day.

If you have a weakness for breakfast classics, Drexel’s has them all: 

  • Eggs 
  • Traditional breakfast meats 
  • Crepes 
  • Omelettes 
  • Hashbrowns 
  • Pancakes 
  • French toast 
  • Waffles 
  • Bagels
  • Porridge

However, they also have savoury Mexican breakfast items like breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros.

4. Unknown Chapter

With floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides and high ceilings with hanging herbs, the indoors feels more like the outdoors at Unknown Chapter

Unknown Chapter is famous as a coffee roastery. However, they’re also renowned for their breakfast. 

A 21st-century customer deserves a 21st-century menu. Unknown Chapter bakes foods like sourdough bread onsite using old family recipes. However, their food menu also uses free-range produce, focusing on modern interpretations of brunch. 

Their meats include pork and apple sausage, chorizo, or smoked Akaroa Salmon. Try tofu scramble or grilled halloumi and field mushrooms for alternate proteins. You’ll also see more exotic items like dukkah and beetroot or pumpkin hummus on the menu. 

5.  Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday has a refreshingly different menu with plates that come to your table as works of art.

Hello Sunday’s menu features brunch items all day. Their white chocolate mousse and lemon curd crumpets are divine. Not to mention, who can resist their brioche French toast with burnt orange sugar and butter mascarpone foam? 

Have your eggs your way with a choice of delectable bread or their signature benny with preserved lemons, potato hash, and your selection of breakfast meats. 

You’ve also never had shakshuka like theirs, served with dukkah, feta, almonds, flatbread, and preserved lemon labneh.

6. Miro

The warm greeting and wood fire make for a welcoming environment at Miro. Breakfast consists of ingredients you’d never think to put together, but you will be glad the chefs at Miro did. 

You certainly can’t complain when you’re invited to start your breakfast with a cocktail!

You can choose a smoothie, granola, or vanilla brown butter brioche with elderberry custard, hazelnuts, mint, and blueberries for lighter fare. 

More robust breakfast offerings include smoked brisket with potato leek cakes and a benny, tagliatelle and paua bacon with crayfish sauce and a duck egg, or a smoked salmon parmesan waffle with a benny.

7. The Origin

The Origin is a vegan or vegetarian’s breakfast dream come true. With its white and blonde wood decor with splashes of greenery, The Origin has a calming vibe. You’ll find that their clean and simple flavours match the decor.

The Origin’s western breakfast items include a granola smoothie bowl, apple cinnamon porridge, fruit pancakes, scrambled tofu toast, and creamy mushroom toast. They also have delightful pastries to nibble, like bounty bars, muffins, scones, and croissants.

You’ll want to pair your breakfast with a single-origin coffee or one of their specialty New-Zealand-grown Zealong teas

8. Strange Bandit

You’re going to enjoy the way The Strange Bandit challenges themselves to innovate with fresh ingredients and put new twists on classic breakfast items. Every plate is a small masterpiece, and there are new daily specials to try.

The Strange Bandit makes most of its breakfast items extremely customizable. What meat do you want with your bagel and which spread? How do you take your eggs, what toast do you want, and which add-ons suit your fancy? Do you want your waffles with bacon and banana, fried chicken with sauces, or fruit and nuts? 

Best Places for Breakfast in Christchurch

Whether you are looking for a breakfast that’s more traditional or contemporary, pastries or a warm breakfast, meaty or vegan, there’s something for everyone in Christchurch.

Why not book a Christchurch holiday home so you have somewhere to land during your Kiwi culinary adventures?

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