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Things To Do In Rotorua On A Rainy Day

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Things To Do In Rotorua On A Rainy Day

Rotorua gets an average of 1,400 millimeters of rain a year. But don’t let that put you off! Even on a rainy day, there are still plenty of things to do in Rotorua on a rainy day. You might prefer staying indoors and playing laser tag, or you might want to embrace the water theme and go whitewater rafting.

Rain Free Options

Let’s start with the most obvious things to do in Rotorua on a rainy day, like staying protected under a roof. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, protected from the rain by a giant inflatable ball!

Go Zorbing

rainy day rotorua - zorbing
Credit: Flickr

The Zorb is a Rortura invention. This giant inflated ball rolls down a custom track. Rain or shine, the experience is sure to delight. Up to three people can fit in a single Zorb, and it’s a perfect activity for all ages. Instead of being buckled in, you will wear your bathing suit and be sloshed around in warm water. The Zorb experience might be even more attractive in cool, damp weather. Since you are inside the ball, you won’t get rained on during the adventure. Heated changing rooms and hot tubs at the beginning and end of the track ensure you won’t ever get cold and miserable.

Pet a Cat at Fancy Meow Cat Cafe

This is another indoor activity that the whole family will enjoy. Will you be glared at by a grumpy cat or cuddled by a sweet kitty? Fancy Meow Cat Cafe has about 25 cats in residence, and they are sure to delight you with their different personalities. The cafe has refreshments and ice cream for the humans. If you need a massage after a long hike, you’ll appreciate the row of massage chairs. It’s easy to see why this spot is one of the most popular diversions in Rotorua.

Rotorua Rail Cruising

This is a great way to get outside and enjoy the scenery while staying dry. The Rail Cruiser is an automated self-driving railway vehicle that follows an old railway track. Each four-seat car has waterproof sides and cozy blankets so you’ll stay warm and dry. The 10-kilometer trip travels through a 1,000-year-old native forest, rolling hills, and Lake Rotorua views.

Ride the Gondola at Skyline Rotorua

rotorua gondola
Credit: Flickr

The 900-meter long cable car system will transport your gondola up to the Skyline Rotorua complex. Along the way, you’ll enjoy views of Lake Rotorua, thermal pools, and Rotorua. You’ll stay safe and dry in the enclosed gondola. Once at the top, you can stay dry while experiencing a wine tasting or dinner. If you want to get outside regardless of the rain, you can experience the thrill of the luge.

Do It In The Rain Anyway

If you’re feeling cooped up and a bit sick of quietly sipping a hot drink indoors, head outside and let the rain enhance your day out.

Get Drenched While Whitewater Rafting

whitewater rafting rotorua
Credit: Wikicommons

You’re going to get drenched to the bone from the river, so why not add a little sprinkle from the sky to the mix? Rafting excursions are available on either the Kaituna River or Rangitaiki River. Raft through beautiful scenery and experience the thrill of whitewater. The Kaituna River features three waterfalls and is appropriate for adventurous souls. Rangitaiki River is excellent for families and provides a solid introduction to whitewater rafting.

River Rats has been running river rafting tours in Rotorua for over 35 years! Check out there website here.

Stroll through Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest

Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest
Credit: Flickr

The Whakarewarewa Redwood forest has a stand of California Coastal Redwoods. These impressive trees stand as tall as 67 meters. The tree canopy will protect you from the rain, and you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs. You can choose from various marked trails, which range from 30 minutes to an all-day excursion. Along your walk, you’ll see both native and exotic trees and appreciate vistas with panoramic views.

Warm Yourself in a Natural Hot Pool

natural hot pools rotorua
The Polynesian Spa. Credit: Flickr

There are many ways to enjoy Rototua’s famous hot pools. The rain will make the experience more memorable.

A trip to Te Rata Bay (Hot Water Beach) takes you to fabulous hot water pools at the lake’s edge. Polynesian Spa is an internationally acclaimed spa that offers several different hot pools, all with a view of picturesque Lake Rotorua.

Walk Around Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

Lake Tikitapu
Credit: Flickr

The 5.5-kilometer trail around Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) is a must-do in Rotorua. Why not enjoy this one-and-a-half-hour walk in the rain? The lake’s bottom consists of pumice and rhyolite, making the lake look turquoise in the sun. There are several beaches and swim areas if you’re inclined to get even wetter. The trail also goes through Whakarewarewa Forest, providing a nice variety of vistas.

Take a Noctural Adventure Glow Worm Tour

Instead of driving two hours to the more popular Waitomo Caves, check out the much closer glow worm caves available in Rotorua. A tour will take you into the forest, past streams, waterfall, and the glowworm’s grotto.

The worms are partial to inclement weather, so why not add a little extra drama to an already electrifying excursion? Finish off with a hot chocolate, and you’ll be glowing too.


Don’t let the rain keep you from enjoying Rotorua. Book a stay with Bachcare, and you’ll always have a warm, dry place to come home to no matter what the day’s adventures have in store.

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