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What to do in Waihi Beach

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Things to do in Waihi

Whether you want to hit the surf or hit the shops, Waihi Beach is a fabulous holiday destination. There are all sorts of wonderful things to do there. Here are just five great Waihi experiences you need to ensure you have an awesome holiday!

See our top 5 things to do in Waihi Beach or…

1. Seaside themed shopping

things to do in waihi

Shop till you drop at The Village in Waihi Beach. Full of vibrant beach themed cafes, eateries and homeware stores, you’ll have your entire afternoon sorted roaming the shops. And for the perfect seaside souvenirs head to Beach Treats, we promise these knick knacks won’t disappoint!

2. Wend your way to some beautiful bays

what to do in waihi

Waihi Beach is home base to some incredible bays, so make the most of them while you’re there! For a gentle amble to a super chill spot and safe swimming, head from Anzac Bay to Shelley Bay. For those wanting a long coastal stroll, the Orokaway Bay walk is a 45 minute gem full of giant New Zealand Christmas trees – known as Pohutukawa’s. There’s also the Waihi Beach Kayak Hires, so you can get a different angle on things and explore the bays from the water.

3. Swim at a waterfall 

William Wright Waterfall found in Waihi Beach

No awesome holiday is complete without at least chasing down one waterfall. The William Wright Falls track starts at Orokawa beach and leads to a stunning 28 metre waterfall. Make sure to bring your togs, as you’ll definitely want to jump in the natural rock pool for a swim once you see this beauty of a waterfall. 

4. Hang Ten on Waihi Beach 

surfing in waihi beach

Waihi Beach is known as one of New Zealand’s safest surf beaches, so what better place to learn how to hang ten, or simply hang loose!? For the curious non-surfer –  the expression Hang Ten describes a surfing manoeuvre in which a surfer stands and hangs all their toes over the nose of the board. Also for the non-surfer – there are waters that are calm enough to paddleboard most days, and places that are great for swimming, so you can easily have as much time as you’d like on or in the water. Sweet.

5. Search for gold

waihi beach things to do

If you’re wanting to get away from the beach for a bit (hey, sandy toes aren’t for everyone) then heading to the Waihi gold mines for a behind the scene tour is the next best choice. The guided tour will let you get up close and personal with modern-day gold mining, and teaches you about each stage of the process. Those interested in the history of Waihi gold mining should check out Karangahake Gorge found just a 20 minute drive from the beach, where you can walk though historic gold mining tunnels as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the gorge from the Karanghake bridge. You never know, by the end of the day you might get lucky and strike out with some golden nuggets of your own! 

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