21 January 2022 | Written by Bachcare Holiday Homes

Embark on an international virtual tour from home!

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Fancy travelling without, well, travelling? We’re talking about satisfying some of that wanderlust, without even leaving your front door. With most of the world in lock down, iconic museums, national parks and tourism hot spots have opened up online by offering virtual tours! There’s something for everyone to marvel at and enjoy a change of scenery.

We’ve rounded up 6 of our favourite virtual tours – let’s go…

1. Louvre


The Louvre without the intense overcrowding… enough said! Visit the world-renowned museum and it’s exhibitions by way of a virtual tour. Enjoy taking your time to admire the magnificent Galerie d’Apollon, Egyptian antiques collection and the remains of the Louvre’s Moat without the bustling crowds.

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2. National Gallery of Ireland

Any list of Dublin’s finest galleries naturally has to begin with this behemoth – the National Gallery of Ireland. This gallery is the home of high culture in old Dublin. It is one of the most prestigious museums in Ireland.

Although Irish museums have closed their doors due to covid, they have a lot to offer online through virtual tours. Take a leisurely stroll and explore this grand gallery featuring collections of many of Ireland’s greatest artists – Jack B. Yeats, James Barry, and Daniel Maclise – to titans of the Italian Renaissance such as Caravaggio and Titian.

3. The Smithsonian


Walking with dinosaurs could be just the change of scenery you’re after! The National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) has an abundance of virtual tours. Set out on a self-guided, room-by-room tour of many of their famous exhibits and areas within the museum. Expect to find current exhibitions including the Butterfly Pavilion and past exhibits such as the last American dinosaurs.

4. Great Wall of china


Commonly considered one of the most impressive ancient structures on the planet, the Great Wall of China boasts a history of over 2,000 years and stretches more than 3,000 miles… impressive indeed! China’s most famous attraction is usually bustling with tourists, but we think it looks stunning standing on it’s own in this virtual tour. A reprieve from your quarantine and the crowds!

5. Disneyland


A great one to do with the kids! As you explore the Disney parks and destinations, you’re likely to come across some favorite Disney characters, keep an eye out for Goofy and Pluto! A series of 360-degree panoramas highlighting Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort locations allow you to experience a touch of nostalgia and magic from home. It’s also an ideal way to help you plan your physical trip there someday!

6. The Vatican Museums


The Vatican Museums house an immense collection of art amassed by the popes from the seventeenth century onwards. An absolute must for any history or art enthusiast out there. There’s numerous tours to choose from, including Raphael’s Rooms, Sistine Chapel and Pio Clementino Museum. It’s hard to believe many of the works of art are real!

7. Yosemite National Park


Open to all online – tour the breathtaking park from home! Yosemite National Park is likely to be on many people’s bucket lists who have an affinity for adventure and the great outdoors. Get a taste of what some of Yosemite’s most iconic landmarks feel like and really picture yourself there. Complete with sound, you can visit the top of the Half Dome, the Yosemite Falls, Mariposa Grove and many more stunning spots. An epic way to plan for a trip there someday too.

Eager to embark on an adventure? Why not tick off some bucket list experiences in our very own backyard! NZ is full to the brim of breathtaking destinations and activities to enjoy. Book a holiday home to base yourself from and seize the day!

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