20 August 2021 | Written by Bachcare Holiday Homes

Tips for Channeling your Happy Place

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Looking to make your current spot more like your happy place? We’ve brainstormed 18 simple ways you can channel the positive atmosphere you’re craving depending on what your happy place means to you!

If your happy place is: fun for the whole family

Bring some joy to your space by…

  • Making homemade pizza dough and letting everyone choose their own toppings – no fussy eater problems there!
  • Downloading this fun Lockdown Diary for a tonne of fun activities to keep the kiddos busy. (Plus it’s a cool memento to look back on.)
  • On your next grocery shop, try get your hands on the latest release from Lewis Road Creamery – a delish Hokey Pokey milk as a little treat for good behaviour (or parental patience!)
  • Did you know TVNZ on Demand has great movies available to stream including Kiwi Favourites like Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Perfect for a family movie night in!
  • [NEW] Some of the Bachcare community recommended these great baking kits for kids from Hill St. (they are shipping in level 4 too).

If your happy place is: bustling and energetic

Why not try…

  • At home workouts! Les Mills has a great bank of online fitness classes that are on TVNZ 2 every weekday at 10am. Plus there are more online at TVNZ on Demand – score!
  • Reach out to friends in other bubbles and set some #groupgoals for what you want to do each day to stay connected.
  • This weather might limit your workout space and equipment – but don’t let that stop you! Get creative with what’s at your disposal in your own home. Whether it’s using books as weights or integrating stairs into your routine – the options are endless!
  • [NEW] Expand your horizons with the Doc Edge virtual film festival! A selection of films from the 2020 and 2021 series are available online for your viewing pleasure.

If your happy place is: warm and cosy

Fend off the winter chill by…

If your happy place is: peaceful and zen

Channel your inner peace;

  • Try Paintvine Online! That’s right, you can channel your inner artist without leaving home using their collection of videos taking you through making your own work of art from the comfort of home.
  • Need something to drown out the noise at your place? 100% Pure New Zealand has some beautiful playlists of nature around New Zealand which make the perfect background to your zone
  • Smoothie Bowls! A nice healthy fix to start off your morning. Why not see if your friends want a bit of friendly competition on who can make the most ‘grammable looking bowl (while still tasting delish of course!)
  • [NEW] Try the Mentemia wellness app! It’s a great mental wellness app to download onto your phone with heaps of mini activities and guides to help keep a positive mindset in uncertain times. Download it here!

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