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New Zealand’s Best Places To Visit In April

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Where to visit New Zealand in April

new zealand in april

April is here, and early morning and late evening chills spell an end to hot summer days (no more sweating!) and the beginning of cooler autumn weather. If you love fall, with its brisk air and explosion of colorful foliage, you know New Zealand celebrates this wonderful season particularly well!

With amazing fall festivals to look forward to, and leaves everywhere beginning to bristle with color, there’s lots of fun on the horizon as we head into the fall season. If you are looking to escape the city’s hustle and grind, autumn is the time when New Zealand’s small towns shine! Start planning a weekend getaway or full-blown family holiday now with the help of this guide. It showcases some of New Zealand’s most sought-after cool-weather destinations, and you’ll quickly discover why autumn is the ideal time to travel New Zealand’s country roads.

Why Travel New Zealand In Autumn?

where to visit new zealand in april

Autumn is much quieter in New Zealand.

Summer is incredibly busy in New Zealand. Still, lots of visitors don’t realize just how busy NZ can get mid-summer. Many tourists from the Northern Hemisphere don’t think about the fact that New Zealand has its Christmas holiday right in the heart of summer. That’s right, Santa visits NZ in Bermuda shorts! (if you’d like to actually visit Bermuda we recommend checking out Bermuda Getaway).

This holiday break means a lot of locals taking their vacations during this time, often with families in tow, and that means bigger crowds everywhere!

Travelling New Zealand in autumn means less traffic and fewer overseas visitors. This makes for a much less stressful and more peaceful vacation!

It’s less expensive to travel New Zealand in autumn.

If you travel frequently you know one thing for sure — peak season (we’re looking at you summer!) is the most expensive. This is true for flights, car rentals, and accommodations. Prices always climb when demand is higher!

By comparison, fall travel in New Zealand is cheap. Prices drop as visitor numbers drop, and there are certainly fewer travelers in autumn.

New Zealand enjoys fantastic autumn weather!

New Zealand is often said to have “four seasons in one day”, and traveling in the summer never guarantees perfect weather. Tourists are frequently surprised by how volatile the weather can be, but remember NZ is a small island nation with mountains and coastline in close proximity. The South Island often faces squalls blown up from Antarctica, and it’s not unprecedented for a sunny summer day to end with heavy rain and chilly temps!

If you enjoy outdoor recreational activities like hiking or cycling, autumn weather can be a lot more enjoyable climate for hitting the trails. Summer heat definitely drains energy fast!

Autumn is a season of spectacular beauty!

Leaf peepers delight in autumn foliage and New Zealand is bursting with color during the fall season! Golden yellows and brilliant reds make autumn driving tours a true pleasure! Canterbury and Otago, New Zealand’s two regions with the most deciduous trees offer the most spectacular views on the islands.

If you’re visiting in late April or May, you’ll be just in time to see the first snowfall on the southern alps. Incredible selfies, anyone?

Now that you know WHY you should travel New Zealand in autumn, the question becomes WHERE to visit April in New Zealand?

There are lots of great April destinations! Let’s check out some of the top spots:


new zealand in the month of april

You won’t find Dr. Jekyll here, but you will find lots of autumn’s stunning beauty! Located in Central Otago, Clyde is the ideal place to spend an autumn holiday. The lakes look mirror-clear in the crisp air and the changing leaves create one of nature’s most spectacular displays.

Nestled on the banks of the Clutha River, Clyde is among New Zealand’s most photogenic small towns, with historic buildings that look like they were built for a Hollywood western. No matter how you slice it, Clyde is the perfect fall destination! Hit the bike or walking trails or spend a lazy afternoon sipping coffee at one of Clyde’s outstanding cafes.

Looking for the perfect Clyde accommodations? Check out Sunderland Sweetie – Clyde Holiday Home. Sleeps 6 and is just moments from The Clutha River!


Wanaka new zealand in april

Located in the stunning Southern Alps, Wanaka draws visitors from all over the world. The rugged natural beauty of the mountains, lakes, and forests will enchant you, and Wanaka boasts scads of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking which are all perfect for autumn weather! And if you want beautiful autumn colors for your vacation, Wanaka is the destination for you!

Wanaka is more than just outdoor fun! It’s home to world-class restaurants and cafes, breweries, and wineries. Fuel your adventure or while away a lazy afternoon by sampling some of New Zealand’s finest wines on a guided wine tour. Or feast on locally-made chocolates, breads, cakes, and pastries at the Wanaka’s Farmers’ Market. Mmm, yum!

Looking for the perfect Wanaka accommodations?
Check out Charming on Cherry – Wanaka Holiday Home. Sleeps 10 and has plenty of modern charm!

Havelock North

havelock north new zealand
Credit: Flickr

Situated in the southern end of the beautiful Hawke’s Bay region on the North Island, Havelock North is a truly noteworthy destination. With its world-famous vineyards alight with autumn colors and the annual grape and apple harvests underway, Hawke’s Bay comes alive in autumn!

Havelock North offers a perfect blend of activities for foodies and outdoor enthusiasts. Where else can you explore local vineyards — Te Mata, Craggy Range, and Black Barn — by bicycle? And be sure to leave time in your schedule to hike to the top of Te Mata Peak or take a stroll along Ocean or Waimārama beaches!

Looking for the perfect Havelock North accommodation?

Check out Kopanga Tree House – Havelock Holiday Home. Sleeps 6 and provides lots of peace and quiet!


Are you searching where to visit April in New Zealand and finding so many amazing choices you don’t know where to start? Why not check out Greytown? Greytown has the distinction of being New Zealand’s first planned inland town, and there’s no denying that it’s one of the prettiest towns on the North Island. With its tree-lined streets, Victorian buildings, and surrounding vistas speckled with rivers, olive groves, Greytown is a traveler’s dream!

It’s also one of New Zealand’s premier food and shopping destinations as it’s home to a thriving community of designer boutiques, specialty shops, cafes, and restaurants!

Looking for the perfect Greytown accommodation?

Check out The Modern Farmstead. Sleeps 6 and offers panoramic rural views!

Start Planning the Perfect New Zealand Vacation Now!

There’s no question that New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots to offer. If you’re a local, you may think that a vacation means getting off the islands, but you can see from this list there’s no reason to. New Zealand offers travel destinations to fit everyone’s tastes — from the adventurous to the cultural. You can go from diverse cities to rugged rural towns in just a few hours, and enjoy fine dining, outdoor adventures, stunning views, native heritage, sun, water activities, colorful fall foliage, and a whole lot more!

And you can find the perfect accommodations for your trip at Bachcare. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive home base or a private retreat loaded with luxury, Bachcare has the ideal property for you!

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