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Eating out in Dunedin

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Where to eat in Dunedin

Okay, the secret’s out. Dunedin has secured itself as an epic foodie hub in the South Island of New Zealand. From boasting some of the best coffee spots to catering for dining at any budget without compromising quality or creativity, Dunedin will treat you to memorable dining experiences. We think the foodie scene is reason enough to visit Dunedin for your next holiday!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 dining spots in Dunedin, to ensure your visit is even more memorable...

1. Plato ($$)

where to eat in dinner
Photo credit: Plato

Situated right along the Otago Harbour, this seafood restaurant comes with high-class dining and views. With unique dishes such as southern-style fish curry, fish pies or clams in horseradish broth, your taste buds are in for an absolute treat. If you’re overwhelmed by the selection, go for the seafood platter – that way you can pretty much taste one of everything and not be nervous about getting food FOMO (yes, that’s definitely a real thing in our books).

Cuisine: Seafood

Price: $5-$35

Opening times: 6PM-9PM  daily

Address: 2 Birch Street, Dunedin

Contact: 03 477 4235

2. Velvet Burger ($)

burger in dunedin
Photo credit: Velvet Burger

Thanks to Dunedin being a hub spot for University students, burger joints are in full spring. Velvet Burger is the obvious top pick, with gourmet style burgers made with the freshest ingredients available. You can BYO or enjoy their craft beers on tap and choose to dine in or get takeaway and retreat back to your holiday home. The choice is yours on how you experience this epic burger joint.

Cuisine: Burgers

Price: $5-$14

Opening times: 10AM-11PM  daily

Address: 150 Stuart Street,  Dunedin

Contact: 03 477 7089

3. The Esplanade Restaurant ($$)

The Esplanade Restaurant
Photo credit: Aditya Jagtap

This Italian styled beachfront pizzeria has got to be one of the trendiest spots in Dunedin. Offering pizzas for all dietary requirements (yes, that includes Gluten Free and Dairy Free!), there is literally no excuse to not go and grab a slice. And if you’re not in the mood for pizza, their pasta comes in at a close second and will not disappoint. As an added bonus, it’s situated right in the hub of St Clair, offering prime viewing spots of the surfers catching waves.

Cuisine: Italian

Price: $12-$26

Opening times: 8:30AM-10PM  daily

Address: 2 Esplanade St Clair,  Dunedin

Contact: 03 456 2544

4. No. 7 Balmac ($$$)

food in dunedin
Photo credit: Liam Donald

This European fine dining experience is reason alone for the family to dress in their best and prepare to be spoiled by excellent cuisine. It’s New Zealand’s best kept secret eatery and too good to not share with our readers. Focusing on sustainability, their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are thoughtfully curated – they even grow their own vegetables and compost their own organic waste. For breakfast, splurge on a big cuppa and their homemade donuts. For dinner, the venison, muscles and brussel  sprouts are not to be missed. A great place for a celebratory meal and to support local small business initiatives. Yum!

Cuisine: New Zealand

Price: $12-$32

Opening times: 8AM-11PM  daily

Address: 7 Balmacewen Road,  Dunedin

Contact: 03 464 0064

5. Bacchus ($$$)

Bacchus dunedin
Photo credit: Cher Shi

In the hub of Dunedin’s central city lies an award-winning wine bar and restaurant known as Bacchus. Firstly, the wine bar has an immaculate selection of Otago wines that is reason enough to go. Then, there are stunning views of the Octagon. Finally, the cocktails and food. Ever heard of a prawn cocktail? Or how about broccoli and blue cheese soup? Whatever you choose, your taste buds will most definitely thank you! Just ensure you finish up the evening with their crème brûlée, they do it with their own special twist and it is simply unforgettable.  

Cuisine: Contemporary European  

Price: $12-$68

Opening times: 12PM-10PM Mon-Sat 

Address: 12 First Floor, The Octogan,  Dunedin

Contact: 03 474 0824

Have we convinced you that Dunedin is a foodie’s dream come true? Check out our Dunedin holiday homes and start planning your next trip here.

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