23 January 2019 | Written by Ian Bishop

Earlybird? Get Booked For Summer 2020 Now!

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Great news – the calendars for all 2,000 of our handpicked holiday homes are now open right through to September 2020! If there is a property that takes your fancy for your Christmas or Summer escape, be the first in now and get booked in before anyone else! Head to our site now to get booked!

Postcard Views - Beachfront Whitianga Holiday Home

Keen to book one of our most beautiful beachfront holiday home of 2018? Postcard Views in Whitianga (Prop ID 5537)? Get in quick!

For some of you, you may have been waiting for ages for the calendars to open so you can get a property booked within our collection. We know for the large majority of you, you’ll be stoked to secure the holiday home you had planned for. However, for a variety of reasons some of our holiday homes may not be available, even if you were on our earlybird list. How come, you may ask?

1 – The Owner Has Blocked Those Dates Out

Where we request the owner of each holiday home in our collection to give as much availability as possible, they are obviously allowed to block out dates for their own use. So unfortunately sometimes a calendar may now look like it is booked, when it maybe that the owner has decided to keep those dates reserved for their own stay, or they may be doing repairs and maintenance to the property.

2 – Someone Beat You To It

We’ve had unprecedented demand this year for the calendar opening and to get bookings in early for holiday homes in our collection. Given this, there is a higher chance than ever that someone else had their eye on the same property over the same dates! If this has happened, hopefully you’re still early enough to browse many other properties that still have wide availability given you’re being so organised! Re-start the search here!

3 – Minimum Nights Apply At Certain Times Of Year

The final thing to remember is many of our properties have a minimum night stay or other conditions at certain times of year. We’ve copied these from our Ts and Cs just to make it easy! You may need to tweak the nights you are searching for when you’re browsing.

  1. A booking that includes 25 December must start on or before 24 December and end on or after 26 December.
  2. A booking that includes 31st December must start by 27 December, when practical, and be for a minimum of 9 consecutive nights. (A booking request for 31 Dec submitted within one week of 31 Dec will be considered for a lower amount of nights).
  3. A booking that includes any nights from 1 January through 10 January must be for a minimum of 7 consecutive nights and be back-to-back, or leave a gap of at least 5 nights. (If a booking request is submitted after 15 December for stays from 1 January, a 2-night booking may be accepted). A booking from 24 December to 31 December should be back to back or leave a minimum gap of 2 nights.
  4. A booking that includes Whangamata Beach Hop and War Birds over Wanaka must be for a minimum of 3 nights.
  5. A booking over Ohakune Mardi Gras should be for a minimum of three nights and not exceed 8 adults.
  6. A booking over Labour Weekend, regional Anniversary Weekends, and Waitangi Weekend is for three nights, unless specified otherwise. A booking that includes Easter must be for a minimum of four nights.
  7. A booking for a property in Queenstown/ Wanaka/ Southern Lakes or Ohakune/ Tongariro National Park that includes a weekend during the July or September / October school holidays must be for consecutive weekend nights.
  8. At all other times a two consecutive night minimum stay applies, except where a specific property listing requires a longer minimum. Reduced nights may be considered within 2 weeks of the Holiday periods.

These minimum night stay periods may get relaxed closer to the dates mentioned, but as above there is more chance of the property being unavailable because of a booking or owner use.

If you did get to book the property you wanted – congrats!!!

Please be aware that it may take longer than usual to confirm your booking. This is purely because we get huge volumes of bookings and enquiries in the week of the calendars opening each year (along with the usual last minute bookings for this January), which naturally creates a larger than usual workload. Please be patient and know that our team will deal with your booking as quickly as possible, and the dates will be reserved for you until it is 100% confirmed.

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