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TimeOut connects generous holiday home owners who are willing to donate a stay in their property to people diagnosed with a terminal illness , providing gifted holiday experiences that change lives, create lasting memories and bring families and communities together for good.

  • Donate your holiday home Turn your holiday home into a temporary sanctuary for people with terminal illness to relax and spend time with their family
  • Connect with families Provide support for families bearing the pressures of dealing with a terminal illness, so they can find time and truly reconnect with each other
  • Create timeless memories Help families of people with a life-threatening illness to spend time together and create lasting memories

Every year, more than 24,000 people and their families experience terminal illness in NZ. Beyond the immense grief and emotional toll these illnesses take on all they affect, they also impact our most precious resource; time. By gifting experiences away from home, we provide families with much-needed moments of relief, shared experiences and the opportunity to take a break from it all, spending time together. With over 50,000 holiday homes in New Zealand, we’re on a mission to get kiwi donors on-board, so we can all lend a hand to those who need it

Become a Donor

Our donors are at the heart of all we do. We are proud to have a growing community of generous donors, providing time in their homes and invaluable support to suffering families. If you’re considering becoming a donor, or looking to learn more, here’s some information on the donation process and what to expect.

Why TimeOut? The saying ‘the home is where the heart is’ couldn’t be more fitting when understanding the impact of a TimeOut donation. Through the charity, we provide generous donors with the opportunity to share an asset that is integral to their lives and in a way that sees it appreciate in value, through the love shared within its walls. This differs from financial donations to charities as it at a relatively low personal cost to the donor, while providing something incredibly valuable to the recipient.

How it works

We aim to make the sign-up and donation process as simple for our donors as possible.

  • Donors register their holiday homes online (photos and details of property and its location), including information around availability and any request guidelines. Register here.
  • A recipient submits an application for a TimeOut stay on the website.
  • TimeOut verify the medical status of all applicants and confirms details of the entire group applying to stay at the property.
  • The TimeOut team match booking requirements against available properties.
  • If your holiday home is a potential match, the request is sent through to you for consideration.
  • If the booking request is approved, TimeOut send an email to both the home owner & the recipient confirming the booking details, sharing contact details, and providing a template agreement between a provider and recipient of holiday accommodation.
  • You can then block the dates on your calendar and add ‘timeout’ in your notes to help our team identify which properties we will be covering the cleaning for.

Holiday Home Owner FAQ’s

Will I know who is staying in my house? How many people??
Yes, TimeOut provides details on the individuals that will be staying at the property before confirming their stay.
Can I just donate during the off season?
Yes, you can donate your bach at any time of the year that suits you. We let our recipients know that availability for all properties is limited during busy holiday periods, public holidays and school holidays.
How far in advance will my property be booked?
We only make booking requests a maximum of 6 weeks in advance.
Can I change my property availability or put it on hold if I need to?
Yes, this is no problem at all. TimeOut is designed to be as flexible as possible for the Holiday Home Owner.
Do I need to provide linen?
No, this is up to each individual holiday home owner to decide. Recipients can be advised to bring their own linen if required.
Does my property need to be wheelchair accessible or single story only?
No, many of our recipients do not need these specific requirements.
How about my health and safety liability?
We ask that all guests are safe to travel and take care of their health and safety depending on the stage of their health condition and other relevant factors.
What about insurance?
If you don’t usually rent out your holiday home, then your insurance for a residential home may exclude cover for damage by guests. We recommend that you check your policy and get advice from your insurer or insurance broker about your coverage. We recommend you get advice before signing up with Timeout as clause 4.1(d) of our terms and conditions for providers says you acknowledge that the property is adequately insured for use by the recipient.
What are the costs that I will incur?
You might have management costs or cleaning costs that will not be covered by TimeOut or the terminally ill family. The terminally ill recipient and family are asked to clean the property, however you might prefer a deeper professional clean on their exit.
How does this affect my Tax?
Donated time is currently considered personal time by IRD in relation to the mixed-use asset formula.
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