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Guide to Night Skiing at Coronet Peak

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Coronet Peak Night Skiing // Snowboarding

night skiing at coronet peak

When you’re getting ready to book your next trip to Queenstown, be sure to put Coronet Peak Night Skiing at the very top of the list! Whether you’re a brand new ski bunny or a seasoned slope slayer, take advantage of this unforgettable opportunity because its the only place in New Zealand that offers it. Why do you think so many people rave about their experiences here? You can have all the joy of strapping in and sliding down the trails – all the while the sun is setting around you, and the stars begin to shine down on your progress.

Read on to discover the MANY reasons to hit the trails at Coronet Peak:

It’s Incredible Value

Everyone knows that skiing isn’t always the most budget-friendly activity, especially once you start tallying up the lift tickets and equipment fees. However, if you are planning on paying by the day to ski, doing it at night is an amazing bargain. For about half the price of a day lift ticket, you can have the whole experience and then some. Many folks enjoy a handful of hours on the slopes before they are ready to call it a day anyhow, so why not save a little money during your vacation? It’s especially worth it when you factor in the unique opportunity to conquer the mountain after the sun goes down. How fun does that sound?

All Levels Are Welcome

coronet peak aerial view
An aerial view of Coronet Peak. Credit: Wikicommons

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of skiing at night, especially if you’re a beginner. The folks at Coronet Peak have got your back. They shut down the slopes for an hour of trail maintenance between daytime and nighttime skiing, so the hills are expertly groomed for the evening session. You have the chance to cut the first tracks down the mountain – something every skier cherishes! The lifts and runs are well-lit and well-marked allowing you to swish down at your pace and on your terms. No need to be concerned about skiing in the actual dark because the lighting here is excellent.

In Fact, No Skiing Is Required!

coronet peak night / day skiing
Skiing at coronet peak. Credit: Flickr

You might be the type who loves to race down the hill, expertly carving your way to the bottom – and that’s great! There’s plenty to keep you active at Coronet Peak, and you’ll get a great workout in under the stars. However, perhaps you enjoy the “atmosphere” of the ski slope more than the actual physical activity. No worries, there are plenty of spots to post up and enjoy the scene. There are a handful of lodges, bars and mini music venues perched at various locales on the Peak, and you can hit them all as the evening progresses. Each is serving up various drinks, snacks and fresh musical jams to create a super snug environment amidst the frosty hills. And who doesn’t like bonfires? There are a bunch strategically stationed around the compound for your enjoyment.

Enjoy Incredible Vistas

One thing is definite: Coronet Peak Night skiing is simply breathtaking. Bring your camera, and get ready for a major Insta sesh. There is nothing like watching the sun go down from the top of the hills or while riding the chairlifts. The gorgeous glows of the last light of day will remain in your memory long after you return home. Once the sun goes down, the twilight hits, the stars begin to shine, you’ll appreciate Mother Nature on a whole new level as you scoot down the hill under a midnight blue ski. Come and appreciate it yourself because there is nothing comparable to these views.

Free Up Your Days!

skdiving near coronet peak
Skydiving in Queenstown. Credit: Flickr

You’ve likely got a limited time slated for your holiday adventures, and there are only so many daytime hours. Why not free up even more by skiing at night? Save some sunshine time to shop around in the various Queenstown neighborhoods, visit the parks, or experience some other thrill-seeking activities like bungy jumping, dirt biking or skydiving. Use the days to dine out or look for souvenirs to take home, and save the night for checking something off your skiing bucket list. Whether you’re looking for something mellow or something to get your adrenaline pumping, Queenstown has all sorts of options ready and waiting. You can even sleep in if you’d like – you’re on holiday

Experience the Ice Bar

coronet peak night skiing - ice bar
The ice bar at Coronet Peak. Credit: Flickr

Not every mountain takes the snow and cold and doubles down on the chilly fun. If you find yourself skiing on Coronet Peak, you can’t leave until you’ve visited the Ice Bar, located mid-way down the main run (M1). Stop in for a cocoa, a beer on tap or even a quick bite because this is a hot spot despite the name. Warm your hands by the fire, and gaze up at the stars – whether you want to keep skiing or just chat the night away is up to you.

Coronet Peak has other little bars tucked around it, so this is your chance to do some exploring. On Fridays and Saturdays, the music level gets cranked up a bit as fresh talented DJs, spin live sets for your pleasure. There might be treasure hunts and drink specials depending on the weekend so check in and see what’s cooking while you visit. You won’t want to miss the special events here! Another awesome feature is that Coronet Peak has a shuttle bus running back to Queenstown so you can let loose and party a bit without worrying about arranging for a safe ride back to your holiday home. They’ve thought of everything here!

It’s a Great Overall Vibe

The bottom line is that the atmosphere atop Coronet Peak is fun, fresh and exhilarating. You have the choice of skiing or chilling – or any combination of the two! Bring the family, visit with your friends, or check out the Peak solo. There is absolutely something here for everyone.

When can you visit? Be sure to check out the Coronet Peak website for updated information as well as any pertinent info on Covid-19 closures or warnings. Currently they are scheduled to be open for night skiing from 4-9pm every Wednesday and Friday from 23 June until the end of August, along with some select Saturday nights. Ultimate Ears will be spinning special tunes on Wednesday nights, and you can expect fun giveaways and games on Fridays and Saturdays.

Aprés ski has never been so cool – come see for yourself!

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